Monday, November 25, 2013


Kasen at 4 months

Jake at 4 months

Time for your Check up!

Sweet Lucy turned 6!
 here are her stats:
Weight- 39lbs (17%)
Height- 3'' 9 1/2' (55%)
Blood pressure- 84/62

We are going to start Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy again to help her with school. She is lagging behind just a little. Other than that she is healthy and Happy!

 Jake Turned 2!!
Here are his Stats:
Weight- 27lbs (38%)
Height- 34 1/2''
Head circ- 19 1/4 (55%)

He is just so fun, putting words together to make sentences. He is also a handful, definitely knows what he wants and knows how to get it. Love him to pieces!

Kasen is 5 Months!
Here are his stats:
Weight- 17.2 lbs (70%)
Height- 25 1/4'' (36%)
Head circ- 16 3/4'' (38%)

He is smiling and giggling all the time. Sleeping through the night. He is now grabbing anything and everything within his reach. We started rice cereal once a day and he loves it!! Angel baby!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Birthday party!

Thank you to everyone who gave presents, they loved every minute of attention. This may be the last year that I can get away with combining their birthdays, they sure had fun! 
Thanks to my cousin Brittany for making their cakes, and Stacey and Oliver for coming over to celebrate with us! 

Jake's Cake (jake and the neverland pirates)

Lucy's cake (Sophia The First)

Dinner at Wingers, our favorite place!

Decorations for the party

The Presents

Love this Baby!

Kasen is seriously the best baby ever, and no I am not just saying that because i am his mom. Other peope have told me that too! I cannot get enough of him.....

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rice Cereal

I was going to wait until he was officially 5 months old, but he just seemed so interested in everything we ate. He was envious. So I just thought I would try it and see how he does.

(He turns 5 months in 12 days)

Does he like it? You be the judge!

Saturday, November 2, 2013


I can't stand it anymore! I feel like my house is constantly a mess and I am the only one who seems to care! I spend all day long cleaning up toys and random crap or yelling at my kids to clean up their messes. So today I had had ENOUGH! After I asked Lucy to go up and clean her room, and she had come down and LIED to me and told me it was clean, that was my last straw. If they can't respect their home and their stuff, they don't get to have stuff. I got fed up tonight and packed everything up and put it away. Well not everything, I am not that terrible. The only things left to play with in this house are 3 balls, Blocks, and Books. We told Lucy that in the next week if she takes care of these and makes sure they are put away before bed every night then she could earn some of her toys back. Which I am sure she will want her ponies, since she was upset to lose them.

Being a parent is so hard. 3 is so much harder than 2. Today was one of those hard days where I had to teach them a tough lesson. Jake couldn't care less. He is a little young to learn anything from this, but he is okay with blocks and balls. They will survive. Call me mean... I don't care. I need my sanity and a clean house helps. I feel like kids grow up more humble if they are happy with the bare necessities. maybe not. but I think this is a good thing.

So if you want to get my kids birthday or christmas presents make it clothes or educational... We have enough toys. Thanks!

Rambling DONE :)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

for sell

sewing machine (hardly used) $50

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for Sprint $400 OBO

Samsung Galaxy S3 for Sprint $300

We also have some xbox 360 games <call of duty black ops2, NCAAfootball 14, lego star wars, 007 quantum of solace>

get out of debt

Okay we have finally made the commitment to get out of debt! So part of Dave Ramsey's step program is get a $1000 emergency fund before you can begin to pay off debt. He says to make the money however you can. Have a garage sell, get a second job. So here are the things that we are trying to sell to get the money. Also, Tyler is going to get a second job for the Christmas season. This is a serious commitment, and we are dedicated. Heavenly Father has asked us to prepare and get financially stable, and we are going to do it. So the next post is all the things that we are selling. If any of you are interested, just email Thanks!

PS.... I cut up every credit card I have..... BIG DEAL. There will be no going back

Monday, September 23, 2013

Give Away!

One of my good friends Lauren's Latest is having an awesome kitchenaid giveaway on her blog! Plus she has fabulous recipes to try!  GO check her out  HERE

I am trying to win too! (this blog counts as an entry)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fitness update

Since I went on my change rampage last post I thought I would post an update.

This week i was successful in meeting my goals. Actually I did better than I thought I would have! I walked at least two mile everyday except Tuesday. And I did a jillian Michaels workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. during my walks I am usually burning about 400 calories, and then my workouts I burn almost 500. I also did pretty good at eating good and staying under my calorie limit (myfitnesspal) No change in weight yet, but i do feel better. Well not my muscles but my energy is up and i am proud of myself for the last week.

Next week I have the same goals, but to include Tuesday. I don't anticipate being as sore as I was this week.

Monday, September 16, 2013


whew.... I went to bed feeling super motivated. In fact I couldn't fall asleep. I was thinking about change. you know that feeling after you have a baby, every day is the same. you feel like all you do during the day is take care of kids and clean and do laundry. Ya I am in that rut. So last night i started looking up cute short hair styles. I know that is so cliche... have a baby, chop your hair. Well I have always been this way. I grow out my hair and then chop it. I am starting to lose my hair now. Kasen is two months old and I am starting to gain weight. I need CHANGE. So I made a deal with myself. I need to lose about 50 pounds to be comfortable with myself, and 70 pounds to be at my final goal. I am going to just take each day one at a time.

My first reward will be at 20 pounds lost.... hair cut!! I haven't decided what the other goals will be. But I figured 20 pounds will mostly be my face fat... then a shorter hair cut will look better. I am so sick of my hair. All I do is put it up in a messy bun. I need something short and fun. So for now, that is what I look forward to :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

2 month check up

Today we had Kasen's 2 month checkup, more like 2 1/2 months. Here are his stats...
Weight: 13bls 10oz - 77%
Height:  23''  - 33%
Head circa:  15 3/4  - 36%

This is Kasen the day we took him home from the hospital...

This is him today. BIG BOY!  Doc says he is healthy, and there is nothing wrong with a double chin. lol

Other pics from the Doc office.

This is a picture from the last Doc visit, 2 Months ago!

I can't believe how much he has changed. He is getting so big So fast. He is starting to smile, and coo. He has been consistently sleeping at least 7 hours thru the night. Dream baby. We love him so much!

Friday, August 9, 2013

6 weeks old

Not the best picture, but it has been a while since I posted! Here is Kasen... he is 6 weeks today! He eating 5 oz every 3 hours, and most nights he sleeps 5-6 hours straight! I just love this boy so much! He is a good baby. Such a blessing to our little family.

Speaking of, we are blessing him in church on Sunday. Pictures will soon follow.

Grandma Haas is here and we are having a ton of fun! my kids are so lucky to have two sets of grandparents that love them so much.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


This was not me at my biggest but I was wearing the same shirt so i thought it would be good for comparison. 

This is me today. 3 weeks postpartum. I am 2 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight, and back into non maternity jeans!!

I still have a lot to lose, but I am feeling pretty good about my progress so far. Feeling good and loving life. I have not yet had any baby blues which is huge for me!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Do they Look alike?

What do you think?

Jake at 3 weeks

Kasen at 3 weeks.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cleaning up baby

Kasen's Birth Story

Tyler took the kids out to the store, so while I have a minute I wanted to just type down Kasen's birth story.

Thursday morning I was pretty fed up. After having my membranes stripped on Monday I figured it would just jump start everything and it would happen maybe a day or two after that. But no. Thursday morning my neighbor and I took the kids to walk around the track at the school down the road. I wasn't having any contractions so I was pretty mad. I even carried Jake around one time, and he is a beast! So i came home and things were pretty normal that day. I felt like he was dropping but i wasn't having contractions. Tyler had texted me and told me that NOW i could go into labor at any time because his all day training was over (thursday). So after we got the kids in bed we went for a walk together. We walked for 2 miles! I was in so much pain by the time we got home I figured it had to be tonight! My hips could not take anymore pressure. Well at about 1130 that night we turned the lights out and Tyler went right to sleep. But as I was laying there I started having contractions. Not just braxton hicks. These were uncomfortable. so i timed them. they were 4 minutes apart consistently. So I laid there for 2 hours. After that I woke up Tyler and said lets go to the hospital.
From there things happened pretty quickly. They took me into triage and monitored me for an hour and a half. When i got there I was still only at 3 cm dilated. (which is what I was Monday) So the nurse who checked me, did everything she could to get me going. If i didn't progress they were going to send me home. when they checked me again I was at a 4, but she could stretch me to a 5, so they said I could stay!! I was super happy.
My Doctor was at a scout encampment that was about a 1/2 hour away so he told them not to do anything until he gets there. When he was about 10 minutes away they broke my water. Kasen's head was turned so I was having bad back labor. There was no way I was going to be able to do this without some relief. I told them I didn't want an epidural because it didn't work last time. So the nurse talked me into getting an entrathecal, which is a shot that lasts two hours to block the pain. Then I started worrying that the shot would not last long enough. What if I didn't dilate fast enough. So then they decided to do a mix. An Epi with the entrathecal. So it wasn't the continuous epidural, but there was still a catheter in my spine with the shot, then he added one more tiny dose that will make it last a little longer just in case. Which I didn't really need since He came in an hour and a half. So timeline: 130am head to the hospital, 3am admitted, 455 they broke my water, 647 he was born! Only took 2 pushes. He was so tiny and perfect.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

38 weeks

AND LIFT OFF!! Yay, Kasen came right on time. Daddy said he had to wait until after his training on Thursday and he decided to come Friday morning. I will tell the whole story later, when I am not on these drugs.  So here is a picture overload to hold you until then. He is the cutest thing. So far we have hardly heard him cry, he may still be tired from the fast birth, but i can't blame him. Mommy is so tired also.

Last belly picture before delivery

The board in our delivery room. LOVED our RN, Michelle. she was the best!

First pic, on my belly. First reaction.... TINY!!

Tyler fell in love instantly. I haven't seen him like this with any of the other kids. I think these two are going to have a special bond.

All cleaned up and smelling so yummy!

I am obsessed with his LONG fingers and toes. So cute.

Eyes open. I think I can count on one hand how many times this has happened in the last 40 hours.

First of the kids that likes a binky... May come in handy.

Headed home! Look how small.

The kids. Lucy is loving up on him all the time. Jake still is a little rough. We are going to have to teach him gentle real quick! He likes to tickle baby toes, and he likes to watch the baby faces.

We are so grateful to all who helped us these last two days. Our neighbors, Stacey and Cole. They took care of the kids, fed them, put them to bed. We seriously couldn't have done this without you. We are very fortunate to have you in our lives now. My visiting teacher who has cooked us meals, visited us in the hospital, and watched our kids for a few hours. Liz Davenport, thanks for taking your turn with the kids as well, you are such a great friend. All in all this was the smoothest and fastest pregnancy and birth. I feel so blessed and I couldn't be happier right now. Well... I am off to bed.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

37 weeks ... OUCH!

I am mostly writing this for my own records, so if you don't want to read a bunch of whining, skip this post!

Bonnie... we are 37 weeks along. Doc says you are dilated to a 1 and 20% effaced. So we are not moving along very fast. Although I was like that with Jake and then progressed to a 3 by the next appointment. He was born at 37 1/2 weeks remember???

Pains, OH the pains. Whoever said having a baby was a fun time in life was so wrong. This pregnancy has been by far the worst. Forget about exercising, I can barely move! and sleeping, almost impossible. Everytime I turn in bed I feel like my body may split in half. I have been having the most terrible pains in my lower extremities. I honestly don't think I can last 3 more weeks. But alas... its all up to Kasen. He is technically full term now. so he would be fine if he was born tonight, but I unfortunately have no control over that part of it.

Hormones. Yep got them. I am hoping to avoid the whole postpartum crap this time around, and trying to breastfeed and having that pressure has been one factor that has lead to it. Whether it be my own pressure or pressure from family. I have thought for months about this decision, I have prayed and contemplated everything. This is not a decision that was made lightly. But it is one that I do not wish to talk about again outside of this blog because I know everyone has their opinion. I just have to be able to take care of me to be able to take care of my kids. So just know... I don't want to talk about it this time around. I am going to pump until my milk has gone and I can live with the pain, and give the baby whatever I pump. But other than that he will be bottle fed. Both my kids were formula fed and they are perfectly healthy and fine.

The other day I was reading back to Jake's birth and pregnancy and it seems like I had some of the same things. I just don't remember. That is one of God's blessings I guess. but if this repeat of signs is any indication I will be glad to have this baby in the next week! I highly doubt that will happen though.

We do have family coming into town (Shane and Katelyn) on the 2nd of July (my birthday) so I am very excited for that, it would be nice to have him out by then just so they will be able to meet him and hold him brand new, plus to not be huge a pregnant for my birthday.... yeah I would take that in a heartbeat!

I have gone through the nesting phase, everything is ready. Except maybe my floors. Why is it that the second you clean them, they get dirty again. I keep thinking, yeah this will be the last time I will have to mop and vacuum before baby, but no... baby is not here and they need to be mopped again! I know I just need to relax and not rush this thing, but that is so easy for you to say.

The next picture will probably be right before i check into the hospital.... hopefully I will remember to take a picture.

With Love and a sore body.... Me.

Friday, June 7, 2013

35 weeks

 Yep, we are on the home stretch now~

I have been having more braxton hicks contractions every day. I am pretty sore, so i can feel that this baby is low. I have been trying to go for walks to try and ease the pain. Sleeping is getting harder. Everything is pretty much ready for him. I have gotten all the clothes and bed out for him. I just need a sheet for the pack n play, socks, and diapers. After I get those he can come ANY time :) Although I haven't packed a hospital bag yet, or the kid's bags. But i still have at least a couple of weeks.

I do however have plans for the kids and where they will stay while ty and I are at the hospital, which is a HUGE load off my mind!! So for now I am just trying to enjoy the hot weather with the kids!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Getting Ready!

Today I received an awesome surprise! 
One of the perks of working for Allstate is that they give you stuff when you are expecting a baby....
So this came today!

A brand new convertible car seat. So it can be front facing AND rear facing. Since we already have an infant car seat, this is now Jake's new seat....

And I got out all of the newborn clothes today. I washed them all and put them up in Kasen's room. Looking at these tiny clothes have gotten me so excited to meet this little guy! I can't believe Jake use to fit in these, He is a BEAST now.

I am now 34 weeks, so a month left hopefully. Dr is very pleased with my progress. I did not test positive for Gestational Diabetes this time around (yay) and I am measuring right on track. I have only gained 14 pounds in all.