Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome 2011!

We welcome you with OPEN ARMS!! We are praying for a better year. Hopefully we won't have to learn as many lessons (the hard way) no more surgeries, no family drama, we just want a happy and healthy 2011.

I have blogs I need to catch you up on, but here is me and the love of my life on New Years! I couldn't imagine my life with someone else. Tyler is the greatest, my best friend in everything. This year brought us so much closer together. Through every decision and every trial, we have stayed strong together and He is definitely my Best Friend through everything. Here's to a new year honey, may it be better than the last!

Happy New Year EVERYONE!!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Cookies and Stockings

Lucy and I LOVE chocolate, and We were positive that Santa would love it too, so we made him Chocolate overload cookies for when he comes to visit tonight!

These are the BEST cookies I have ever made, and they are so EASY. Find the recipe here. I just put crushed peppermint candies and semi-sweet choco chunks instead of the mint truffles. They were still delectable!

Then the classic no-bake cookies. Tyler loves these so we made some of these too! find this recipe here.

AND i finally got our stockings done.. 'Cept now I am wishing I would have put Mom and Dad instead of our real names. We are just not use to being the Mom and Dad I guess :) Oh well... maybe next year, lol

Merry Christmas Eve EVERYONE!! We miss you all!

Grandpa Haas

I finally uploaded pictures. I found this one. I think it is so sweet! Lucy loves her Grandparents, and I love seeing her with them :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Congrats Shane!!

Tyler's Brother, Shane Graduated from BYU-I Yesterday! We are so proud of him and so glad that we got to share in his joy!

Lucy LOVES playing with her Auntie Katelyn and Grandma Haas!

Yay Shane!!

PS... thanks Katelyn for the pictures, I forgot to bring my camera in!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Lucy Meets Santa

We have never taken Lucy to see Santa before, because we just figured there was no point, who wants to make a baby cry over a big white beard? So now that she is 3 and starting to understand things a little better we thought she was ready! And she loved it! She got right up there and sat on his lap and told him that she wanted a Barbie for Christmas!

Then Mrs. Clause came and did a story time. Lucy loved it....

Christmas is coming soon! Hope everyone's happy this season. I know we are being blessed daily. We have so much to celebrate this year!


Lucy's eyes are looking better and better everyday! They actually look a lot better than this picture, this was taken 2 days ago. Dr Elliot says he couldn't be more happy with the positioning of her eyes, so hopefully they will stay that way and we will be safe from any more procedures!

Just a cute video I took of Lucy a couple days ago!

More Houses!

Our friends, Steve and Michelle invited us over to make sugar cookie houses last week! It was so much fun, with their 4 kids and Lucy!

As you can see Lucy enjoyed a little frosting along the way!

Shaelynn did great too! At the end of the night her house was demolished, At one point she was actually taking BITES out of her house. They were all pretty entertaining :)

Here is Trevor's house, he won "The Most Candy" award!!

Here is Lucy's, she did pretty good for her first one :) I promise all I did was put the house together... she did the rest!

This one is mine. Michelle and I were a little OCD with our houses, we took the longest

Michelle's in the back on the left... cute pretzel fence!

It was a great night with friends, thanks Harrisons!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Lucy's Eye Surgery

What a day! Tyler and I didn't get much sleep last night, we were both pretty worried about how everything was gonna go. We woke up at 6:30am and got to the Rocky Mountain Outpatient Surgery Clinic at about 7:45am. Lucy was admitted and then we waited back in her pre-op room for like an hour. They prepped us and her, they gave her a little cap, and even gave one to her bear too! They were super good with her.

They had lots of toys to keep her entertained while we waited for Dr. Elliot to arrive.

Dr Elliot came and talked to us at like 8:50am and then shortly after that they took her back. we weren't allowed to be in there with her, so we waited out in the waiting room. I slept and Tyler played his computer game. The nurse came and got us at 10am and brought us back to talk to Dr. Elliot. He assured us that she was doing fine and the surgery went great! We were pretty anxious to see Lucy, but we had to wait until she started to wake up from the anesthesia. So about 10:30am the nurse came and got us and we went to her post-op room. When they first gave her to me I was a little scared, her eyes had dried blood all over them. She was pretty out of it. They had just given her some Tylenol for her pain. So she decided to sleep for another hour and 1/2!! We were in no hurry though. I enjoyed just holding my baby in my arms. I don't get to this often :)

They had a free soda and juice machine, and recliners, so we kicked back and waited....

PS Shanna: This is her FAVORITE blanket :)

When she woke up she was pretty much back to her normal Lucy ways. She couldn't talk very loud because during the operation she had a tube down her throat. But she wanted to eat and drink right away, we had no problems with throwing up or nausea at all! (thank goodness!)

These are the best pictures I could get of her eyes, she didn't really want to sit still for me. They look pretty freaky, but Dr says they should look better by the end of the week.

For those that don't know, Lucy's eyes were crossing inwards, so she had to have the inside muscles of her eyes repositioned and relaxed so they would be in the right place. Dr. Elliot told us that the muscles were very tight, so the surgery was definitely the right thing to do. He won't know for another 10-12 weeks whether or not he has to do another surgery, because sometimes you can't tell how much you need to move the muscles. So we are just praying he was inspired and we won't have to go through this again! Thanks to everyone for their prayers and fasting. I truly believe that everything went so smoothly today because of you and our Heavenly Father.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


So I know Christmas is not about presents, but its really the only time I ever get to think about myself. I am so grateful for everything that we have and for the terrible year that we have had. Yes, I just said I was grateful for the TERRIBLE year we had. We learned a lot of life lessons this year, and we have overcome a lot as a little family of 3. My husband and I agreed to only get each other one present this year, on account of, we have no money ha. But, also so that we can just focus on Christ this year. it will be super special to be home and start our own new traditions. We wish we could be in Bellingham, for two reasons: 1. we would like to help welcome our new niece into the world and 2. we miss our family.

BUT if you were wondering what I wanted for Christmas....

its a TiChrome Flat iron. I have wanted a good flat iron for years. And probably will never buy one for myself. They are 40% off right now. So if you happen to have one in your magical bag..... If not, you can find one here

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy making little boys and girls happy!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

She's Famous!

Our friend Lauren Brennan was on Good morning America yesterday!! This girl is amazing, I love all of her recipes!! We are so proud of you Lauren!!!

You're OLD!

I finally broke down and got Tyler a pill box. I know... he's an old man already. But this is the only thing we haven't tried to get him to remember to take his pills. He is actually pretty excited about it though! I think this will help him, plus i won't be so annoying all the time, asking him if he took his pills, i can just look in the box :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Family Home Evening

Who's is the best?

A day of treat Making

My Bff Michelle came down for the weekend and we got our baking on!

We made peanut Butter balls


Peppermint Bark

And Sugar cookies!!

And Tyler sat here all day, and then got to enjoy some treats. What a life!

Thanks for an Awesome fun weekend Michelle!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Leigh is GONE!

I know, there seems to be a gross theme going on here, I promise this will be the last gross thing for a while. Tyler has had this bump, or Cyst if you will, on his head for a few months now. We went to a walk-in clinic and they just told me to try and drain it out like a pimple, I guess. And put a warm washcloth soaked in Epsom Salt water on it. We tried that for a few days and it did get smaller for a while, but then it got bigger. And then he started to get a bald spot. So we went to His REAL Doctor. And they removed the whole thing today! It was pretty exciting/really gross. lol. The whole procedure took about 40 minutes. But Tyler is soaking up all the sympathy he can because he got his first 3 STITCHES! haha... such a battle wound. Anyway, I posted some pictures. feel free to look at them, but they are kinda gross because there is some dried blood and gook that he can't wash out till tomorrow.