Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday summer storm.

So... You are probably going to get sick of blogs like this. But I seriously can't help it! I LOVE storms. And i just wish there was someone who loved them like I do to enjoy them with me. So If you love them.... comment below, so I know that I am not wasting my time. Here are some videos.

Day of FUN part 2

So, since the clouds rolled in we all went back to our house, made cookies and played Monopoly. I wasn't too thrilled at first... but then I started winning!! This first shot is of all my money and Properties!!!
3 hours later... Ryan and I were the only ones left in the game... and he finally cleaned me out! I couldn't believe it!
Yeah yeah yeah....
    So I am still the Monopoly LOSER!

Day of FUN part 1

Our friends, Ryan, Kim, and Savanna came to play with us today! So we went to the lake!
Lucy, In her new swimsuit!
Mmmm.... Hamburgers and Hot dogs!
Lucy actually got in the water this time! She cried for about 20 sec... then got use to the cold
Then came the storm!! Yikes!
Almost everyone at the park packed up and headed home, the other part... ran for shelter!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

losing weight?

So, Lucy hasn'e been eating hardly anything for the past two weeks. She has actually lost about a pound and a half... so yesterday we discovered her appitite again!! here is proof that she is feeling better.
And this is what was left... plus she was drinking Pediasure while eating... not bad huh?

Grandma Jones bought Lucy a couple new outfits, and a pair of pjs. Thanks Grandma!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

lost kitty?

This little kitty showed up at our doorstep yesterday and I got all mothery on it.. fed it some tuna and gave it some lovin'.  Then I tried to find a number to an animal shelter that I could take it to. But none of them were open on account of the holiday. So I just left him alone hoping he would still be around today so that I could help him. And he was! He came back. My neighbor said she saw him sleeping outside my door this morning... awwe. He was just the cutest thing! I wanted to keep him so bad... and Tyler even liked him, which is huge! Tyler hates cats. But I called into animal control and they came and got him. :-(
But not before we had a chance to play!!
Lucy now knows what kitties are!! she loved him... of course there was a major scrub down after ward.
Uncle Joe and Bonnie even came to play!
AND! The best part of the day!!! UPS brought me my new shoes!!! I have been waiting a week and a half! Aren't they so cute?? Sorry Liz.... don't mean to brag.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

well, since today was Memorial day and a day off of school, we got out and enjoyed ourselves. Lucy is a bit under the weather... so we will be staying in for the next couple of days... except for a Dr. visit tomorrow.
Here are some pictures from our fun day. Went to My Mom's parents graves and gave them flowers. Miss you Bill and Veda. Then we drove to Idaho Falls for a much needed trip to Old Navy, and was sad they didn't have the shirts I wanted anymore...:-( but i got another cute shirt, and lucy a new swimsuit... which i am sure you will get to see in the future, and Tyler got a new shirt and pair of shorts. Then we headed to Iona and had a BBQ with some family!! it was a good day. Had to get home and give Lucy some tylonal for her fever and sent her to bed. I hope she wakes up better in the morning. Poor girl has been through so much! okay hope you enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Awesome storm!

I couldn't believe the storms we had today! It was so awesome! I just sat at the window and watched the heavy rain, flooded our parking lot in a matter of minutes! Counting in between lightening strikes and thunder to see how close the storm is, yeah it takes me back to when i was a kid! I guess I should have been a meteorologist. At least that's what Tyler keeps telling me. He's not one to watch a good storm with me, but Lucy was right by my side! And just look at that rainbow! you can't look at a rainbow and not believe in our Heavenly Father, it was so amazing! I look forward to many more Idaho summer storms.

Friday, May 22, 2009

A Day at the Lake!

Tyler needed a break so we went out to Blackfoot to the Lake. It was so much fun. Lucy was the smart one with sun screen, so her parents are lobsters now. Anyway... here are a few pictures. Lucy was not a fan of the cold water.... so we didn't go in much. But it was nice just to sit in the shade, have a picnic and read.

New outfit

We had so much Fun When G'ma Haas came to stay with us! Lucy got this new outfit, and a new pair of pjs! Thanks Carolyn for everything!

silly girl

Alright... So I have been taking some pictures and now I need to catch you all up. Here is Lucy just chilling on the couch, minding her own business. I don't know why but the way she was sitting was so funny to me.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lucy Update

okay, so Dr. Stotts called us today and said that she tested positive for Rheumatoid Arthritis. So the next step for Lucy is to see a Rheumatologist. They are referring us to one in Idaho Falls, so at least we don't have to travel as far. He said that most likely the medication that they will put her on will control the inflammation and she will be able to live life normally. That was good news. So I had no idea what this thing was and I'm sure there are some of you who don't either. So I looked it up online and here is a little bit to explain why this is happening to our little Lucy.

"Your immune system protects your body against foreign invaders such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. But with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), the immune system loses its ability to tell the difference between these foreign invaders and the body's normal cells. It begins to attack those normal cells too.
The damage starts when your immune system begins to weaken your joints. Unlike minor injuries that heal over time, the deterioration of bones and cartilage within the joints caused by moderate to severe RA does not go away. Even without serious symptoms, RA could be irreversibly destroying your joints.
One of the basic ways your immune system protects your body is by increasing the flow of blood and immune cells to a threatened part of the body. This produces inflammation.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) progresses in three stages. The first stage is the swelling of the synovial lining, causing pain, warmth, stiffness, redness and swelling around the joint. Second is the rapid division and growth of cells, or pannus, which causes the synovium to thicken. In the third stage, the inflamed cells release enzymes that may digest bone and cartilage, often causing the involved joint to lose its shape and alignment, more pain, and loss of movement.

Because it is a chronic disease, RA continues indefinitely and may not go away. Frequent flares in disease activity can occur. RA is a systemic disease, which means it can affect other organs in the body. Early diagnosis and treatment of RA is critical if you want to continue living a productive lifestyle. Studies have shown that early aggressive treatment of RA can limit joint damage, which in turn limits loss of movement, decreased ability to work, higher medical costs and potential surgery. "

So. Stotts said that it is better for a young child to get it because their bones and joints aren't fully developed yet. So since we caught it early we are going to be able to control the inflammation and she should develop normally. this is assuming that her body takes well to whatever medication they put her on. So lets pray for good results. Thanks everyone for your support. 


Monday, May 18, 2009


Alright... so here is what we know so far. I am just going to post it on here, since I don't know who all wants to know. Lucy had her appointment down at Primary Children's Hospital this morning. After waiting an hour in the waiting room we finally got in. We saw 3 different Doctors. And when all 3 were in there at the same time, i knew it must be serious. Dr Stotts was the Pediatric Orthopedic and he was the one we went there to see. After many questions and observing, they made some speculations. The main thing that we talked about was Rhuemitoid Arthritis (spelling). until now I never thought that kids, especially babies could even get Arthritis. But i guess it happens. It's not too common, but it happens. He said that if that is what is going on, it could come and go through out her life. Tyler and I had researched this online before the apt. and it basically says that all there is to do about it is medication to control the inflamed areas, and physical therapy. So we don't know FOR SURE that this is what it is, but they did do some blood tests. My poor baby. She was just not having that. She screamed and flailed her arms and legs everywhere. It took two nurses and Tyler and I to hold her steady. They couldn't find a vain so they had to turn out the lights and shine a flashlight through her hand to find one. I think this whole process was harder on me, the Mom, than anyone. It took all my strength to not break down and just cry. But I held it in. It is so hard, but i know that lucy needs us to be strong. So we will find out what the blood tests show sometime tomorrow. That is what I know for now, I will write again when i know more. Thank you for the thoughts and Prayers. We love you all.
PS... pictures from last week will be coming. As soon as Mom sends them to me ;-)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm back!

Alright so I guess my venting got some attention. Thanks to everyone who posted a comment. It is nice to know that there are people out there who read. Katie James! I will be adding you to my list, it was nice to hear from you!

Well we are officially residents of Pocatello Idaho. Our new address is 1020 Mckinley Ave #25. I can't believe I am saying this but we are very happy with our decision to move here! We finally live somewhere with a mall, (not much of one) and a Fred Meyer! Man i love Fred Meyer. It's strange to say, but I could wander around that store forever, just because it reminds me of home. We have already been to a few resturaunts.. way more choices than Rexburg! We have most of our pictures hung, and our curtains are hung. It just feels like home, our home. I think we will stay for a while. Plus it is BIG and CHEAP! haha. We will be able to save money living here instead of living paycheck to paycheck! And we now have internet. So everything is complete! Our apartment is way bigger, so there is room for visitors!! Feel free to come on over!! I will post pictures soon!