Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!! Well the dance was a big hit last night, we laughed, we danced, we ate. My body is so soar tough. Tyler went as a bum, Lucy was a butterfly (she WON the cutest costume!!) And I was a Cat, sorta. We also took pictures of our friends, Coya was a midnight witch, John was a farmer. Kristen and her husband Brandon were Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Kristen is my co-chairwoman for activities. It was a ton of fun, but I am glad it's over!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

leave those shoes alone

So A few things to write about.  Yesterday I went and got my Implanon Rod removed. Don't worry we are still planning to wait a while to get pregnant again, this was a persona l decision, but let me tell you I will never get one of those again! Hurts like heck now that I am not numb anymore. Pretty nasty huh?? (by the way that is my arm, not my leg)
And Lucy and I made Halloween cookies for the activity tomorrow! Lucy sure enjoyed the
 frosting, haha!!
 She is also learning how to brush away all of the sugar-bugs off her teeth. 
Oh and she is getting another tooth in on the bottom, but she is still as happy as ever! Her new thing is playing in the shoes. She just drives me crazy, just when I clean them up, she is right back in the middle again. Ugh. I can't wait till she starts walking!! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well the night before last Tyler and I stayed up talking in bed till like 1:30am. We talked about his plans for our future, where he is going to do his internship, and where he wants to go to graduate school. Of course all I could think about was BELLINGHAM. But I told him that anywhere in Washington would do. I really miss my family, and I just feel like Lucy needs to be with her cousins. I mean Shanna, Liz ad I were all pregnant together, now we are all stay at home moms together, why can't we do it together? I just have been feeling really left out of everything there. And now with the adoption, ugh, I feel like I hardly know Terry and Nicholle's 3. And I want Lucy to know her Grandparents, both sets. I mean I hardly knew my grandparents growing up, and now they are all gone. so I told Tyler all of this and he said he would apply for internships in Seattle, for nest winter. so everyone keep your fingers crossed!! And then he said he would try to get in at UW for graduate school. I just hope this all works out. It would be really nice to have our next child a little closer to family and friends. So hang on Jackson and Brookie, Lucy is coming!!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Well I finally figured this thing out, thanks to Liz. So I will be posting things more I think. 
Happy Halloween to everyone! My new calling is the activities coordinator, and I am not so
 sure that I like it all that much. I mean, planning the stuff is fun, cause then you get to do the things that you want, but being the person in charge, means that you have to do everything. I don't get to enjoy the activities anymore. But hopefully this next one will be easy. We are doing a Halloween Costume dance. But that means that I actually have to dress up. All I have to do really is set up, and then make sure the treat table is always full. So this should be a fairly easy one. I'm pretty excited! But that's on Thursday. I have no idea what we are doing on Friday. It's too cold to go out, and Lucy is too young to understand the concept of trick-or-treating. So maybe we'll just stay home and watch a scary movie or something.
We did carve pumpkins on Saturday though. I think Tyler got the biggest one at the store. lucy even got her own little one. We used the cheapo carving kits, and one of the knives broke, and I sliced my finger, the same one from Freshman year of High School. It wasn't bad though. No Emergency Room, thank goodness. I have had enough of them lately!!
And i have been trying to let my hair grow out, but it is taking too dang long!! It seriously is driving me nuts right now. I just need to hold out until Christmas, cause I know my Mother-in-
law will see it and want to work her magic on it, (hopefully).