Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cupcakes and Charity

I had a busy day today. Cleaned house, folded laundry, Did a load of dishes (by hand) and did a little charity work!

Yep, That is 3 big bags of clothes we haven't worn in a year!!! So they went to the DI

And then I made these delectable Cupcakes!

Don't worry, They are FULL of calories!

And this little one was tugging on my apron through the WHOLE process!!

Happy EASTER!!!

Easter dress

Okay Grandmas Here are some pictures of Lucy in her Easter dress. It was a VERY windy and cold day, so forgive her for not wanting to stand still :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Last Song

I am starting this book today. Liz gave me the idea. I liked reading The Time Traveler's Wife before I saw the movie. It helped me understand it more and I don't think i would have liked the movie as much if I had seen it without reading the book? Maybe. I have seen the trailer for this movie soooo many times, since we are big movie goers. And I am so excited for it to come out. I secretly LOVE Miley Cyrus (shhh.... don't tell) Liz asked me today if I had read the book yet. (Does she know me at all??) I am not a big fan of reading. Or at least I wasn't in school. But I read the whole Twilight series in like 4 weeks. So I guess I like reading if I get to choose what I read? And I Love Romance. I am a girl... what can I say? So I bought this for like $8 at Freddys tonight. Hey if nothing else it will keep me off of Facebook. I seem to be a trouble maker there. I am thinking of just giving it up all together, what do ya think?
Anyway... The Last Song. I will tell you how it goes! Movie comes out April 1st... so I better get started!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

After a Year of looking....

We finally found one!

And she loves it!

And then she realized I was taking her picture....

That's all. BYE!

BYU Vocal Point

We went to a show here on campus. There were 3 A Cappella groups that performed. It was really cool. It definitely took me back to High School. Made me miss being in a group like that. BYU Vocal Point were the main performers, very entertaining!! Here some of their songs, I was trying to hide my camera because we weren't suppose to have one, so sorry about the lady's head in front of me. Also, our digital camera isn't so great at zooming in so the quality isn't the best. But I hope you all enjoy it, cause we sure did!!

This one was our favorite, so we posted the whole song!

Michelle Visits!

A Much needed break for all involved! Michelle came To Pocatello on Friday to hang out. We went shopping, we went to lunch and dinner. We did hair, we waited in long lines, we watched movies, and it was soo much fun!

Of course we went to WalMart at Midnight to buy this.....

After going crazy

waiting in this
We finally got to the register!!
It only took 45 mins, not bad!

Thanks Michelle! We love you so much, and miss you already!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Irish Drinking day?


Yeah. Have you ever known any 2 yr old that will sit still for a picture??


This last weekend we went up to Stevensville Montana to see my Brother and his family. They are going to Bellingham for Easter, but we won't be able to go, so we thought we would take a weekend and go up and see them.

This is Payton and Mackenzie during Movie Night (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs)
Lucy and Auntie Shannon
The whole gang!
It was such a blast! Thanks for letting us visit! You kids are growing up WAY too fast!

Sicky sick sick!

These are pictures I took of Lucy when she got super sick two weeks ago. All she did was lay around all day long. Fever of 102 for 4 days straight. then she broke out in a rash all over her body. They call this Rosiola.
Some days she didnt even want to get dressed.
This is a video i took without Tyler knowing. You can see that he actually turned around at one point and didnt know the camera was on the table. Typical Saturday morning, I was doing my makeup and he was doing dinner dishes from the night before. You'll notice that Lucy loves her Dad's singing, she even dances to it. This is what he does EVERY time he does dishes. He is always singing, LOUD! I told him I would record it someday, and I did! He still doesn't know I did it, and he will probably kill me for putting it on here. oh how I love him :)

Grandma Haas's visit!

So these pictures are WELL overdue. But here they are! Tyler's mom came down to bring Cameron to the MTC, and we were lucky enough to have her visit us for a few days! Lucy loved having so much attention.

Cuddling with Katelyn after waking up... love this picture!
Our Big sleepover. Carolyn and Shane on the Air mattress, and Katelyn on the couch. Someday we will have a big house and Everyone can come sleep comfortably. You all were very gracious, it was so much fun!!
These two are so stinkin' CUTE!!! She's got my vote!
Sisters-in-law?? maybe someday??

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Plans for the Summer

okay. Some of you already now that we are doing summer sales starting in May. We at first were going to go with Tyler's old boss, Kevin, to sell Security Systems (SS) in Louisiana. The day we were going to sign all the papers, Tyler's old mission companion (Mike) called him up and offered us to go with him to sell Pest Control (PC) in Chicago. Well we had been praying, asking Heavenly Father to give us a sign or something telling us if we should go out with Kevin or not. So I guess we got our answer. Everything that Mike told us and talked to us about sounded a lot more realistic than what Kevin was saying. Selling (SS) to us, seemed a bit shady and wasn't a real honest sell. Where as this company that we will be selling PC for, was very up front and honest with us. He will be getting some of the best men to train him (we believe). We met with the owner last Wednesday and went over all the details of the business- the pay scale, the ins and outs of the business, what our living situation will be like, etc. And then we met with him again today and signed all the paperwork. We just felt a lot better about PC and they say it's an easier sell than SS. So as it being Tyler's first year out, we thought it would be better for him to do the easier sell. We know it will be a challenge and hardwork. We also know that a lot of you have opinions and advice about summer sales. We aren't doing this because we are strapped for money. Tyler has a job here in Pocatello that he can always come back to. We are doing this because we want to, and it just feels right to us at this time in our lives. So those that are there to support us and wish us luck, feel free to comment. Those that have opinions and advice and think negatively about our decision, we've heard it all and it's not going to change anything so it would be a waste of your time to comment. Thanks.

Okay so here is some info:
We will be leaving May 7th after finals to driving there. They are giving us $1,500 for travel and hotel etc. We are going to be putting all of our stuff in storage in Pocatello while we are in Chicago. The apartments that we will be living in, you can look at here. It will be a one bedroom which is very manageable with one child. But they are pretty dang nice, so I am excited! We will be out there until the middle of August sometime... I don't know what day exactly, but they will give us time to get home and situated again before Tyler starts school on the 23rd. Lucy and I will be flying to Seattle for the Reunion in July and riding down with my parents. We are really excited for this adventure in our lives! It will be fun and exciting to live in a new place and meet new people. And we will be back in August! Of course I will blog about everything and keep everyone updated. Thanks to those that I have already talked to that have given us support and love. This was a hard decision to make and kind of scary to go out of our comfort zone, it took us 3 years to finally take the plunge. Tyler has been wanting to do this every summer, but the timing was never right, and we never found a company that we really felt good about, until now. We are hoping to have a wonderful experience and come back happy :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday MOM!!

Today Is my Mother's Birthday! I love you so much mom, words cannot express how much. You have always been there for me. When Lucy was born and in the hospital, you were there, the whole time. When we had money troubles, you were there. When I needed a shoulder to cry on, you were there. When I need advice you always know what to say. You are truly an amazing woman, and I am so grateful to have you as My Mom. Thank You for being there for me and my family. Thank you for letting me make my own mistakes and helping me grow and learn from them. Thank you for being so easy to talk to when I need a friend. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and those customers go easy on you today ;)

Love your daughter and friend,