Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Lucy was real quiet.

She decided to give herself a haircut. When we asked her what she was doing she responded with, "Imana be like Bramma Haas!"

They will grow right?

South East Idaho Fair

Lucy had such blast at the fair this year! And so did we!!

Here she is making sure everyone is gassed up... lol

We enjoyed some yummy food... and I WASNT the only one. somehow I was the only one who got photographed tho... I'm not ashamed.

Lucy and her first taste of fair food.. YUMMM

Aunt Michelle came with us too!!

Tyler and I got brave and went for a romantic ride on the farris wheel. It was actually really scary because the wind was blowing SO hard that day!

Lucy loved this car ride!

She even got brave and pet the animals at the petting zoo... it took her a little while to warm up abut once she knew they wouldn't bite her, we couldn't get her to stop chasing them!

So much fun! Can't wait till next year, when she won't be so timid.

Just some cute ones before Dinner

Water slide and New room

Lucy, enjoying a pear at the water park.

The water slide....

And here Lucy is having Christmas... well not really. Just all her toys that she hasn't seen for 5 months!

We are so glad to be back in Pocatello!