Friday, April 30, 2010

SO I'm Behind...Don't have a COW

Lately this is Lucy's favorite place to be. She is now strong enough to hold herself up to look outside. At least on rainy days. Sunny days we are usually out in it.

This is our storage unit. And if it doesn't look like much its because, it isn't. (8 x 10)

This is Lucy pimpin' out with all my old clothes we were going through...

And Michelle's Lovely sister made Lucy and I matching aprons! Aren't they adorable?? Thanks Nicole and Michelle!!

That will probably be it till Chicago... We will be leaving this Friday the 7th, and hopefully getting there on Saturday night the 8th. Pray for safe weather and driving. I may post some videos, but no more pics. Hope everyone has a good week!!

PS: Thanks to my BFF Michelle for helping us with everything, you are an amazing friend!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Calling Uncle Russ

This is seriously the cutest video of this girl...

She is so FREAKING adorable, I can't even stand it!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

French braids

Are super hard to do on a 2 year old with VERY thin hair.

But there ya go Grammy Haas!!

~How To Train Your Dragon~

was so great!!! We loved it...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Polka Dot Dress

Home from church and had to take some pictures for my Mom in the dress that she got her. It was funny, because when we got to church, Lucy's friends, Beck and Dawson (twin boys) were wearing purple shirts! So it looked like we planned it, so cute!!

Look at the yummy ribs I cooked tonight!!

Lucy is in REMISSION!!!

Sunny days!

We have had such warm weather lately! This is Lucy out in our park at our complex swinging away!

She is so stinking tall, she has a hard time keeping her feet off the ground!

And TADA!! We sold our couch. We wanted to get a smaller storage unit to save money, so we sold our couch, well my parents couch (of 17 years). So for the next 3 weeks we will be sitting on camp chairs! FUN!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Back to this again? Well Lucy has now started Telling me when she is about to go "poopoo". Which is an awesome thing! But I think she gets scared when we rush her into the bathroom and pull down her pants. and then we sit there for a while reading books, or singing songs, and talk about being a big girl and going in the big girl potty. She is starting to really understand everything now. But I think this will take some time, and I am in NO rush... its all her.

But she is so dang cute!

We FINALLY got the packages that we sent to us for Easter from our Mothers! This is Lucy in the dress that Grammy Haas got Lucy! Its freaking cute. Perfect for Summer!

My Mom got her a Beautiful dress too! But we will take pictures of her in that on Sunday. Its more of dressy church dress... Thanks to both Families for always thinking of my little Lucy. She is so lucky to have such loving and kind Grandparents! We love you!

And.... we have been doing MAJOR organizing the past week to try and get ready to move our stuff into storage while we are in Chicago. (for those who forgot, we are moving to Chicago for the summer to sell Pest Control) And Lucy has been reminiscing her old stuff! "baby seat!" she keeps saying... ALL DAY LONG! She goes from her old car seat, to her old bouncer, and then back again... over and over and over.....
I know the last picture is small... but can you believe how BIG my baby is???!!!???

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New videos on Youtube

I posted 2 New videos of Lucy on Our Youtube page.
It is just easier to tell you to go there, rather than upload them twice. If you want to comment to let me know you stopped by my channel I would love it!! Thanks!

If you want to go check them out go HERE

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The video!

Here it is! Here's the video we were in yesterday! I look like a dork cause I was nervous and trying to ghet my camera on my phone to work, I swear we talked for a little bit. It was one of the best moments ever. They were soo sweet! Click on the Video link below to watch it :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010


So! Most of you don't know, but Tyler and I have been watching this family on Youtube for over a year now. This guy, Shay Carl, use to be a DJ on Pocatello's local radio station and he got invited to be a partner on Youtube and get paid for making silly videos. This family is LDS and they are so much fun! I love watching them. He made a goal to make a video EVERY day for a year. It's basically their life on the internet. They video random things throughout the day. And he actually has two other channels. One he does staged videos, and the other one is about his journey while losing weight and getting healthy. So I watched his videos every night. I kinda feel like I know them for real. Its silly, but I felt like he was a celebrity. He is the most watched Youtuber right now. He gets hundreds of thousands views on all of his videos from all around the world. Their family is awesome, and I love how they raise their kids, and how playful and in love they still are with each other. Well, today Michelle and I went to lunch at our favorite place, which happens to be their favorite place, and guess what!!!

THEY WERE THERE!!! After a YEAR, we finally ran into them!

Left to right: (they call them "tard" names to hide their real names from the public) Sontard, Mommytard, Fetustard (in Mommytard's belly!) Mommytard, Shaycarl, Princesstard, and ME!

So if you haven't heard of them, I posted links to a few of my favorite videos. But I recommend you find him and watch his vlogs! AHH!! 3rd best day of my LIFE!!!!


Its snowing... and we made a snowball at 2 in the morning. Crazy!