Thursday, June 28, 2012

Every excuse in the BOOK

last night was just one of those nights. Ya know... where the kids are up all night? Yeah. Jake has been waking up lately, twice a night. I don't know if it is because he is extra hungry, or if he is trying to cut teeth. But I usually put him down between 830 and 9. then he wakes up at usually 1am. I feed him and put him right back to bed. Then he will wake up at 5 and do the same thing. Well last night for some reason Lucy did not want to sleep. She came into our room like every 5 minutes for one reason or another. Well it was about 3am and Jake starts crying. Great. All of her walking in and out of the room woke him up. So then I was upset, Ty was upset, and Jake wouldn't go back to sleep. Lucy was in big trouble. She knows that she can come talk to us if she needs something, but it got pretty ridiculous and we knew that she was doing it because she didn't want to sleep. And that isn't ok. So now its 330 and everyone is awake. I made Tyler set up the pack n play in our room and put Jake in it. Not having Jacob sleep in her room is like the ultimate punishment for her. She loves having her brother in there with her. But if she can't be quiet then he gets to sleep in Mom and Dad's room. So We put Jake in the Pack n play, Lucy back in her room, Ty in our bed (because he can sleep through anything) and I went to the couch with ear plugs. Well Jake wasn't going back to sleep. So I got up and made a bottle, while I was feeding him I saw Lucy wondering the hallway AGAIN! Seriously!? Does this girl not learn!? So I get Jake back to sleep. I go into Lucy's room and I give her the what for. Yes grandmas... Your little Lucy got in trouble. NO TV today, NO playing outside, and NO treats. Which is probably more punishment for me, but whatever. She hates it, and she learns from it.

Anywho. I went back to the couch and next thing I know, it is 845am and Tyler and Jake are in my face. We are all pretty beat today. EXCEPT you know who.

It is a good thing that these things only happen every once in a while. I don't do good on no sleep.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

sick day.

I don't know what is going on with me, but today is hard. Do you know how hard it is to communicate with a 4 year old when you have no voice? Ya, I barely have a voice. And my 4 year old talks, A LOT. She asks a lot of questions and gets very impatient when I don't answer right away! On top of that, my throat hurts, bad. And I have a headache, and its hot... 95 outside. so thankful I have an AC now. But the only place that is comfortable is right in front of it. So today is a Jammy day. Since I am not one to stay in bed all day, I did manage to do a few things around the house.


I NEVER let it get this bad, but since we just got home from vacation, and now I am sick.... ya know.


and here is mr. grumpy pants.

he may look cute, but don't let him fool you!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Jake is 7 Months!

There are lots going on with our little man! He finally broke through 2 teeth! He now has his two bottom teeth, and he is working on the two top ones. He is crawling on hands and knees. He is standing up to things, which makes Mama very nervous because he is not really balanced yet. He is back to sleeping through the night (yay!) If you hang on to his hands he loves to walk! We think he is going to have brown eyes. He is a fun baby, always smiling. He loves to crawl around in the grass and be outside.

Love you baby Boy!

Headed home

We were able to stop in and eat at Uncle Doug's restaurant on our way home. He is the head Chef at Arnie's  in Mukilteo, WA. It seriously is the BEST seafood I have ever had!

 And it has the best view overlooking the ocean!

You know it is good when I think calamari is delicious! LOL....

Jake had his first taste of lemon...

A bit sour?

Vacation is always a nice break from the norm. And we don't get to see family very often so it was a ton of fun. But we are glad to be home and back to our daily routine. Tyler and I had lots of time to talk about life and new goals for our family on the car trip home. So in a way I feel very renewed! I have already put myself out of my comfort zone and went to a ward BBQ without Tyler. And I met some new people. In fact one of the couples lives in our apartment complex and she has a little girl Lucy's age. we walked to the park this morning together and had lunch!

Thanks everyone for such a fun trip home. A special thanks to Grandma Haas for giving up her home for a few days! We miss you all already!

Seattle Zoo

On Tuesday we went to the zoo with my family. Uncle Doug and Uncle Scott and my Mom all took the day off work to come play with us!

here we all are eating lunch

I carried Jake around in the front pack for a good 3 hours before Ty got his turn for the last hour.

Lauren is such a sweetie! Love her shy grin as grandma was offering her some ice cream. So cute!
Every time she wanted another bite, she would hand me her binkie... lol

These Orangetangs were so cute! One was flirting with Liz, and one wanted to bite Tyler's ear off! LOL

BIG elephants!

giraffes are such amazing creatures, I think they were my favorite!

Thanks for spending the day with us!!


The whole reason for going to Bellingham was to be there for Tyler's little brother's Graduation! 
I can't believe Cody is done with high school! He was 13 and little when Ty and I started dating. It has been so awesome to watch him grow into a man. What a stud he has become!! 

Jake was such a PILL before graduation when we were all trying to get ready, but he was an angel during the ceremony, Thank Goodness!!

Congrats Cody! We love you!!

Cody and Dad

He is such a great Uncle to our kids, we are lucky to have him!

Tyler's birthday (28!)

Lucy always has so much fun with her cousins. I am so blessed to have 2 sisters who are in the same stage in life that I am. so blessed that we have kids the same age. It just melts my heart to see her get along so well with her cousins. 

Here is cute Lauren with Grandpa!

She is so caring and loving to everyone. it is amazing to watch her jump on the trampoline, 2 years ago this was NOT possible for my little girl. :)

And on to the cake!

Happy 28th Baby! I love you!!!

Here are Jake and Ryan, about 7 months apart in age. They were so funny together.

Jake fell asleep in my Dad's arms, he has NEVER done this before. My Dad is seriously the baby whisperer!

Love my baby boy!

Happy Father's day to all the dads and Grandpas out there!