Thursday, May 30, 2013

Getting Ready!

Today I received an awesome surprise! 
One of the perks of working for Allstate is that they give you stuff when you are expecting a baby....
So this came today!

A brand new convertible car seat. So it can be front facing AND rear facing. Since we already have an infant car seat, this is now Jake's new seat....

And I got out all of the newborn clothes today. I washed them all and put them up in Kasen's room. Looking at these tiny clothes have gotten me so excited to meet this little guy! I can't believe Jake use to fit in these, He is a BEAST now.

I am now 34 weeks, so a month left hopefully. Dr is very pleased with my progress. I did not test positive for Gestational Diabetes this time around (yay) and I am measuring right on track. I have only gained 14 pounds in all. 

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Colby said...

You go Bonnie!!! Have to say very jealous you are just at the 14 mark lol I've got 8 more on ya ha ha. Hope everything keeps going well for you!