Saturday, November 2, 2013


I can't stand it anymore! I feel like my house is constantly a mess and I am the only one who seems to care! I spend all day long cleaning up toys and random crap or yelling at my kids to clean up their messes. So today I had had ENOUGH! After I asked Lucy to go up and clean her room, and she had come down and LIED to me and told me it was clean, that was my last straw. If they can't respect their home and their stuff, they don't get to have stuff. I got fed up tonight and packed everything up and put it away. Well not everything, I am not that terrible. The only things left to play with in this house are 3 balls, Blocks, and Books. We told Lucy that in the next week if she takes care of these and makes sure they are put away before bed every night then she could earn some of her toys back. Which I am sure she will want her ponies, since she was upset to lose them.

Being a parent is so hard. 3 is so much harder than 2. Today was one of those hard days where I had to teach them a tough lesson. Jake couldn't care less. He is a little young to learn anything from this, but he is okay with blocks and balls. They will survive. Call me mean... I don't care. I need my sanity and a clean house helps. I feel like kids grow up more humble if they are happy with the bare necessities. maybe not. but I think this is a good thing.

So if you want to get my kids birthday or christmas presents make it clothes or educational... We have enough toys. Thanks!

Rambling DONE :)

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