Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pregnancy. 27 weeks and 5 days

27 weeks and 5 days.

Feeling the pressure. Getting more stretch marks, which I am not sure how this is... After 2 kids you would think I would be stretched enough.

Still sleeping good

He is head down now, moving all sorts of ways. Lucy and Tyler talk to him daily. He is kicking out my sides, it's a little uncomfortable.

I have been pretty hormonal, crying and freaking out over dumb things.

Jake was born at 37 1/2 weeks... so crossing my fingers for only 10 weeks left!

Here is a picture of Kasen from our ultrasound last week. such a cutie!

And the trip Home.

On the way home I promised Tyler that we could stop in Seattle and see the progress on Husky Stadium. He has been keeping up via their blog, but it was something totally different seeing it in real life. Needless to say I was happy to this for him!

We couldn't actually go inside but I was able to get a few shots through the gates.

Isn't he just the best!

We also stopped at Lookout pass, just before the Blue Mountains. Quite a view!

It was so fun being home with My family. I am so grateful for such great people in my life.

Easter Sunday

Trip to Bellingham

I didn't take pictures on very many days. but I got some of the important events. 
One night my Mom had to work so we decided to take my Dad out, and naturally everyone came along! It was great! Here we are at Billy McHales (one of the musts when we visit home)

Jake enjoying his Chocolate Milk.

Saturday we had the Easter Egg hunt. The Big boys go out and hide all the eggs, we had over 300 this year. This is the first year Tyler and I have been there to participate, and it was so much fun!!

Here are all the kids waiting in the living room while the eggs were being hidden.

I can't believe how big our family has grown! It was so awesome to be all together!

The Boys resting after their labors. I love these Brothers of mine :)

Lucy was one of the first to get her 30 eggs! She was a pro.

Each kid got one special animal egg, this was Jake's hidden under the deck.

And all of Lucy's eggs!! we still have remnants of candy left over.....

Jake didn't really know what to do, luckily his Dad was there to help him!

Every egg he found, he had to open and check out what was inside

Most of the week the kids jumped and played outside. Grandma's house is so much fun! Thank goodness it was such nice weather! Lucy had a BLAST wither all of her cousins.

Basking in the sun light, playing with bubbles