Friday, June 7, 2013

35 weeks

 Yep, we are on the home stretch now~

I have been having more braxton hicks contractions every day. I am pretty sore, so i can feel that this baby is low. I have been trying to go for walks to try and ease the pain. Sleeping is getting harder. Everything is pretty much ready for him. I have gotten all the clothes and bed out for him. I just need a sheet for the pack n play, socks, and diapers. After I get those he can come ANY time :) Although I haven't packed a hospital bag yet, or the kid's bags. But i still have at least a couple of weeks.

I do however have plans for the kids and where they will stay while ty and I are at the hospital, which is a HUGE load off my mind!! So for now I am just trying to enjoy the hot weather with the kids!

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