Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gettin' Healthy

Our new life. This is pretty big. Neither Tyler or I like veggies very much, and we certainly don't eat enough of them. So tonight I took Lucy to the grocery store and decided it was time for a change. After she went to bed I cut and prepared everything so that it would be easy to get to for snacking and such. So My goal for the week:

Eat all of THIS By next Saturday. And I am going to make this a Saturday tradition.

I also stocked up on V8 fusion drinks (we hate tomatoes) too!

Mmm... I am kinda hungry right now... I think I will go eat some :D

Oh and I leave you with another cute video of my *tiny dancer*

Monday, February 14, 2011

V-present from G-ma Haas

We opened our door and there was a package waiting for us!! Lucy was so excited, she instantly said... "is that for me??"

Thanks Grandma Haas!

And thanks to Grandma Jones for the card and $$, she carried it around with her for a whole day!

Valentine's Weekend

Tyler took us down to Idaho Falls...

Lucy was so excited to get a balloon at Red Robin!

I was happy that her excitement put her to sleep.... hah!

She finally got her "ba-woon", and it matches her coat!

Some nice old man who was at Red Robin eating by himself, celebrating his birthday, saw Lucy walk in and thought she was so cute, so he sent his free birthday sunday over for her to enjoy!
Tyler thought he must have a sweet spot for red heads like him ;)
It made her day!

Then we went to Target and found this cute purse set, Lucy loved it as you can see!

Then after Lucy went to bed, the babysitter came and Tyler and I went out for our special V-day!

Guess what movie we saw???? I'll give you a hint: every teenage girl in a America wants to marry him.....

BIEBER FEVER!! yes, we went and saw Never Say Never, and LOVED IT!! Even Tyler liked it :D

And today is Valentine's for real... Here is Lucy with her little Valentine's gift from Mommy.

Happy LOVE day everybody. Make sure you tell whoever you have in your life that you love them, not just today, but EVERY day!


Daddy got me a puzzle!

During Super Bowl half time Lucy and Tyler put together a floor puzzle that he got her. He doesn't spoil her very often, but its always a treat when he does!

All done! She loves it...


This is how Lucy fell asleep the other day... Cracks me up!

Super bowl Sunday!

not the healthiest, but hey... its only once a year right? GO PACKERS!!!