Saturday, June 22, 2013

37 weeks ... OUCH!

I am mostly writing this for my own records, so if you don't want to read a bunch of whining, skip this post!

Bonnie... we are 37 weeks along. Doc says you are dilated to a 1 and 20% effaced. So we are not moving along very fast. Although I was like that with Jake and then progressed to a 3 by the next appointment. He was born at 37 1/2 weeks remember???

Pains, OH the pains. Whoever said having a baby was a fun time in life was so wrong. This pregnancy has been by far the worst. Forget about exercising, I can barely move! and sleeping, almost impossible. Everytime I turn in bed I feel like my body may split in half. I have been having the most terrible pains in my lower extremities. I honestly don't think I can last 3 more weeks. But alas... its all up to Kasen. He is technically full term now. so he would be fine if he was born tonight, but I unfortunately have no control over that part of it.

Hormones. Yep got them. I am hoping to avoid the whole postpartum crap this time around, and trying to breastfeed and having that pressure has been one factor that has lead to it. Whether it be my own pressure or pressure from family. I have thought for months about this decision, I have prayed and contemplated everything. This is not a decision that was made lightly. But it is one that I do not wish to talk about again outside of this blog because I know everyone has their opinion. I just have to be able to take care of me to be able to take care of my kids. So just know... I don't want to talk about it this time around. I am going to pump until my milk has gone and I can live with the pain, and give the baby whatever I pump. But other than that he will be bottle fed. Both my kids were formula fed and they are perfectly healthy and fine.

The other day I was reading back to Jake's birth and pregnancy and it seems like I had some of the same things. I just don't remember. That is one of God's blessings I guess. but if this repeat of signs is any indication I will be glad to have this baby in the next week! I highly doubt that will happen though.

We do have family coming into town (Shane and Katelyn) on the 2nd of July (my birthday) so I am very excited for that, it would be nice to have him out by then just so they will be able to meet him and hold him brand new, plus to not be huge a pregnant for my birthday.... yeah I would take that in a heartbeat!

I have gone through the nesting phase, everything is ready. Except maybe my floors. Why is it that the second you clean them, they get dirty again. I keep thinking, yeah this will be the last time I will have to mop and vacuum before baby, but no... baby is not here and they need to be mopped again! I know I just need to relax and not rush this thing, but that is so easy for you to say.

The next picture will probably be right before i check into the hospital.... hopefully I will remember to take a picture.

With Love and a sore body.... Me.

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