Friday, May 27, 2011

pregnancy woes

okay, I may have spoke too soon when I said I was feeling great, because fact is, I couldn't keep any of my food down yesterday. Then I went to bed starving for fear of being up all night barfing! So I got up this morning ate my usual cereal and banana, and now I am just laying in bed waiting for it to hit me. Oh I do not enjoy this part of pregnancy, and I was hopeful or maybe wishfully thinking that I wouldn't have to deal with that this time, since I AM almost out of my 1st trimester (eh hem.... TOMORROW) The thing with me though is, when I am nauseous and feeling crappy, I would rather make myself throw up than be miserable. but then I am always hungry and I feel like it is a waste of food, to just eat and then throw it all back up. Lets just say my life is not so glamourous these days. I am so grateful for my husband though. He has been doing most of the cleaning around here, and a lot of the laundry. I feel so useless, and lazy. Hopefully it will all pass soon and i can just wear my belly proud!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Aero Garden

Its mostly just family that knows about this new adventure, so here I am announcing it to everyone who reads our blog. Tyler's Dad is helping to start up this company selling Aero Gardens. These things are AMAZING! We have two already. They are dirt-less gardens that can go anywhere in your home, and grow and produce within weeks! You just put the pods in with seeds, and fill the bottom with nutrient water and watch them grow before your eyes! You can grow anything from Salad greens, to herbs, to flowers, and even tomatoes (if you like that sorta thing) There is no hassle, and it's small enough to fit anywhere in your home. The great thing about these, is that you can even transfer these into your outside garden as well, which is great for people who live in places where spring comes late.
So Tyler has started this new adventure, although he is still working full time at Convergys, he is going to be working these on the side, getting a second business up and going to maybe bring in some extra $$$. We wanted to wait and share until we actually got ours up and growing, and now it is and we are amazed... so we wanted to SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD!!

This here is our Lavender, it has been growing for about 2 1/2 weeks, they are really getting tall!

I can't wait for the flowers to bloom, our living room is going to smell so yummy!

And these are our salad greens, they have only been growing for a WEEK! look at how delicious they look already! Oh, I am so excited!!!

So if you are interested to learn more, you can contact Tyler on facebook, or leave a comment on here. OR you can simply check out their websight. This blog is for family stuff, but I will from time to time put little posts about our plants.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This may be old news.. but here is baby's first ultrasound. its a little peanut in there! We saw and heard it's little heartbeat. The guy said i was actually behind on my calculations, and at this time I was almost 9 weeks, so my Due date has Changed to December 3rd, which is funny, because that was Lucy's EXACT due date (of course she was induced two weeks early) but weird right? Well everyone keeps telling me that that is not a convenient date to have a baby, but HEY I really tried to do it differently this time! Remember... I was pregnant 2 times before this one! So I am sorry... but it will have to do :) We are just happy, we don't care when it is born. I really wish I didn't have to call it an "it".
So far this pregnancy has been bliss compared to Lucy! I haven't been too nauseous, If I am it comes at night, not in the morning. I have only thrown up once from pregnancy (I did get a 24 hour flu in b-ham). With Lucy I was throwing up at all times of the day for the first 4 months! What else? OH! Acne... my skin has never been clearer, seriously not since like middle school. I am loving it. The biggest thing that I have a hard time with, well the two biggest things, is fatigue. I am ALWAYS tired! luckily I have the best husband in the world that gets up with Lucy in the morning, so I can sleep in. I sleep till like 10 and then when like 4pm rolls around, I am so tired again! Lucy is such a trooper, she always tells me "Mom... you can sleep if you want to." She will even go get me a blanket. Sometimes we snuggle together for nap time. And mood swings... well not really swings, it just takes a LOT less for me to freak out, I try so hard to be patient, but its tough these days. Its a blessing that the Lord is giving us this child when Lucy will be old enough to understand things, and be a big help to Mama. She is SO excited to be a big sister. Everything is, "I going to be the big sister.... I better clean my room, cause I am going to be the big sister" hey... if it works... why not?!
Anywho.... I am 13 weeks now, I will be out of my 1st trimester in 3 days, and I am hoping to find out what the gender is the week before family reunion so we will have some news to share!

Love you all and miss everyone!!

Is that....


Why, YES IT IS! So we took advantage and played!

And ate JUNK!

It was a Great Day

Trip to Bellingham!

Lucy LOVES her Nana and Papa... what other great-grandparents would get down on the ground and play?? You guys are so great and we miss you so much already!

Uncle CODY! Lucy would wake up every morning and ask me, "Where's my Uncle Cody??"

Mother's day, My Mother-in-law and I both got yellow roses, so we decided to combine them! Look how beautiful!! Her's are the dark ones, mine are the light ones :)

We got to take a day trip in Grandma Jones' car down to Uncle Doug's restaurant, Arnies.

And of course, there was lots of playing with her two favorite cousins... Brooklin and Jackson

AND we met our newest two cousins, Ryan and Lauren, welcome to our crazy family!

And who can forget the infamous fall in Sears? Grandma Haas had this eye mask in her freezer and Lucy insisted on wearing it to make her owie feel better.

All in all it was probably one of the best trips we have had going back to Bellingham. We are so grateful to the Haas family for letting us crash in your spare room for a week and a half. We just had a blast, and can't wait to see everyone again! We miss you all and love you to pieces!!


OK... Blogger is (pardon my language) pissing me off! I have been trying to upload pictures of our vacation for a week now, and it just isn't letting me. Keeps coming up with an error message. But I will try my hardest to figure it out, because I really want to share our life as of late! Sorry.... soon, i will figure it out!