Monday, April 27, 2009


Okay so I know there are a lot of you that read my blog from time to time. There are some of you that leave comments. Thank you. I love your comments. 
I just want all of you to know that I blog for you. I blog so that you can be updated on what is going on with our little family. Recently I have been saddened, and almost thinking about deleting my blog because I don't know if anybody reads it. My theory is that if people don't comment or leave their thoughts, then no one is reading them. So I have been debating wether or not it is worth it to keep going. I love to get on and check my blog and see that someone has commented about my page. It is like a highlight of my day (sad, I know). So if you visit... leave a little note! They are fun for me. If not I will probably just stop posting. sorry. 
Anywho, thanks for listening to my little vent. Love you all!!

what a day!

Man, we were very productive today! Only one more day left, and we are OUTA here!
Lucy had tons of fun helping Daddy take down the table, and she even helped me pack up a few boxes and fold 3 loads of laundry. It's amazing to me how smart she is and how quickly she catches on. She's such a blessing!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


So we went to this HUGE bonfire tonight. Really thought it was just gonna be a few married couples. But like 50 single college students showed up too! They built the biggest fire I have ever seen. All I can say is, I am so glad I am not single anymore, and that I married someone with BRAINS! Holy smokes. They were like throwing gas bottles into the fire, making it explode, and all sorts of stupid stuff. Lucy loved all of it! She basically just chilled most of the time watching the action.

I am grateful we had our own little fire to enjoy. So we had the fires in the middle of the sand dunes, there are tons of huge hills that people just go and do crazy things with their trucks. So Tyler and I went for a ride with our friend in his humongous truck, and drove up the steepest hill ever! and then drove down. It seriously was the scariest feeling... like the roller-coaster Tremmers... yeah. Freaky!  I am sure Tyler will wake up with a huge bruise on his leg from my death grip. Don't worry, Lucy didn't ride with us. 

It was such a fun night though. I am surely going to miss the Burg. 

Friday, April 24, 2009


Alright, Lucy is one lucky girl! Two new pairs of shoes in one day! Every girl's dream...
'cept she went from a size 3 to a size 5 with her braces!
It will take some getting use to. But at least she is stylin'!!!

Sportin' the Braces

So Lucy gave us quite a scare last night when she was refusing to turn her head. We rushed to the ER thinking it was somehow connected to her spine. But the Dr's ruled out anything serious. But there is something happening in her knees. We will find out more about that next Wed when we are at the Orthopedic. But she FINALLY got her ankle braces! So now we can start correcting her flat feet and inverted ankles. She doesn't seem to mind them so far! We are headed to WalMart to get her some cool new tennies to wear over them! 

We are so grateful to have such a fighter. Despite all of the things that she has been through, and still going through, she is still a happy go-lucky kiddo! We love Her so much, Life is so great. 

Pizza at the park!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I am posting this EVERYWHERE!

I am desperate!

I recently quit selling Mary Kay and I am trying to get rid of some of the Timewise stuff that I still have I only have a few cleansers and moisturizers, a couple microdermabrasion sets, and day and night solution. Please call 208-757-8943, or email for more info on pricing. Everything is 30% off... moving on the 29th of April... PLEASE HELP!! Thanks! 
I am also willing to ship them to you for free!

Prices are as follows: 
Cleansers - $12.60 
Moisturizers - $15.40 
Microdermabrasion sets - $38.50 (reg $55) 
Firming eye cream - $21 
Day solution (50% off) - $15 
Night solution (50% off) - $15 

Friday, April 17, 2009

New Home.

So our new apartment has a lot to offer. I think that we will be happy with it. These are all of the good points:

1. full time maintanance staff (which we have never had)
2. Bigger living room
3. new carpet (dark color is favorable with a youngin')
4. More cupboards in the kitchen
5. BIG storage closet (big enough for a small bedroom!)
6. Linen closet outside of the bathroom (no more annoying metal shelf behind the toilet!!!)
7. Our room is bigger
9. All utilities included in rent (which is still $200 cheaper than what we pay now)
10. fenced in playground outside!
11. NO SMOKING anywhere within 30 feet of complex!! yay!!
12. oh, one more storage closet/coat closet I forgot to mention
13. New refridgerator
14. WE LOVE OUR MANAGER!! (which is a first)

Now for the not so good points, but still okay :-)

1. Its pretty old... has the old heating system (hate those things on the walls)
2. smaller bathroom (only one single plug in, in the whole bathroom!)
3. No real dining area (still trying to figure out where the table will fit??)
4. Tyler will still have to drive to work and school... it is 3-4 miles away from both.
5. We will have to do our laundry in the onsite facility... instead of in our apartment :-(
6. We will have to pay for our own Cable and Internet.

So all in all I think we are getting a good deal. This will help us save some money. We are so happy that we found this place, what a blessing! It doesn't look like much, but we will make it our home. Feel free to visit anytime!! We will have some family and friends that live nearby, so that will be awesome for support. Steve and Michelle, we are so excited to get to play with you guys all the time! Hopefully you will take care of us like my parents did for you, haha... jk! ALl that is left to do now is pack! We are going to rent a Uhaul... and load it up on the 28th, then move down on the 29th, and unload. And then we will clean our old apt on the 30th. So anyone who would be willing to help, it would be appreciated! Thanks everyone!

oh.. and our new address is 1020 Mckinley Ave. #25 Pocatello, ID 83205

our apartment!

our apartment continued....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

stereo fun


These are Lucy's two easter dresses. I bought the white one, and my mom sent the other one. I thought they were both so cute that they both had to be worn...

"Thank You G'ma Jones and G'ma Haas for my ducky and Lamb. I love them both!!"- Lucy

Monday, April 13, 2009

Stormy Day

Lucy loves to stand up on the window cill and watch the rain and lightening. Uncle Shane ran out into the pouring down rain just to take this picture!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday at the duck pond.

Start packing.

ugh... I hate to say it but i finally started packing yesterday. :-( I took everything off the walls. Our friends, The Checketts, came over for dinner last night and helped us pull our dryer out and puddy the holes in our walls. It was quite an ordeal getting that dryer out, I just had to take the oppertunity  and take a couple pics! Ryan was underneath pushing and Tyler was on the outside waiting to catch it.. haha! It never quite fit, so it just kinda got stuck halfway in the space. so it was pretty hard to get it out. But we are planning on selling them, since we wont need them in Pocatello. It's only a couple more weeks now and it's GOODBYE Rexburg. 

in other news, As all of you know this is Easter weekend. Tyler and I decided to spend it at our home together. Just the 3 of us. We were asked to speak in church on Sunday so that will be great. I HATE speaking, I'd rather sing any day. But I guess this will be good for me, I will probably bawl through it since it is our 2nd to last Sunday in this ward. I'm gonna cry just thinking about it. I am going to miss our Bishop so much. I use to miss home and family and longed to just go back to Bellingham before we got to the 89th ward. Bishop Wilding reminded me so much of my own Father. He is so kind and generous, and genuinely cares for everyone. Tyler was his executive Sec. for about a year and it has been so amazing. I feel that we have grown so much this year. Especially me. We have made so many good friends that are like family to us now. And I want to thank everyone for accepting us into your lives. We will miss you all so much. I am sad to leave, but I know that Pocatello needs us right now. Thank Goodness the Church is true wherever you are! Happy Easter everyone!!

Congrats Jamie!

Thursday Night we had the honor of watching my cousin graduate from BYU-I. It was a fun filled night with family! Thanks for letting us tag along, it was so good to see all of you! 

   This is Lucy looking at the cute old couple at the restraunt,  they just loved her!

Left to right: Uncle Brian, Ashurity, Piper, Wes, Randi, Aunt Jerri, Jamie, Aunt Lawayne

See you all in July!!!

The other PB and J

So this is the way Lucy usually eats her PB and J. For all of you that thought she was so perfect...