Sunday, August 29, 2010

BIg girl bed!

She slept in her Toddler bed last night and didn't get up once! She slept so good, only woke up once. And she is currently taking a nap in it. I am so glad she is doing well with this! She is growing up so fast!


Sorry the posts below are basically pictures from the last 3 months....

Shane and Katelyn's Wedding Reception

family reunion

4th of july

Trip from Chicago to Bellingham

Lucy barely had room to breathe
Cheap gas!

Mt Rushmore on my birthday!
I have never been so happy to see this sign.

Friday, August 27, 2010

New home!

News on the Home front:

WE HAVE A PLACE TO LIVE!!! yay! You never know how important this is until you don't have it. We are so grateful for the people who have put a roof over our heads the past 2 months (Mom and Dad, and Murdocks) You guys sacrificed so much to help us out and we will never forget everything you have done to help us. We can never thank you enough.

But.... We have finally found an apartment to call our own for the next 2 semesters! We are so excited to move in. We will be sleeping on an air mattress tonight, and tomorrow we will move everything we have in. Hopefully the weather is okay for us. AND we are in full swing of things. Tyler and I are almost done with our first week of school. Lucy is doing okay... it has been a little bit of an adjustment for her, but she is a trooper. I like my classes, I think History and Speech are going to challenge me a little, but I am ready for it! Its fun to get out and meet new people. I think this is exactly what I needed in my life. Thanks for everyone who kept us in their prayers, I am going to ask you to keep us there a little longer. We really need Tyler to find a job. So if all of you could help us for a little bit longer I would be so appreciative. Thats it for now, got Philosophy in 10. ha!

(ps: pictures are coming, I promise!)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

What's up with that?

Okay, so I know I haven't been very good at this blog thing since I left Pocatello in the spring. But my life has kind of been a mess since then, so please bare with me! Wednesday we are headed back to Idaho. This is bitter sweet for me. I have loved being here close to family. Sometimes we have been a little too close. I am so grateful that I have such a loving and forgiving family. Both Tyler and I have great people in our lives that are there to help us when we can't help ourselves. I will be eternally grateful for everything you all have done for us the last 2 months. And I will never forget it. I have each and every one of you in my prayers and in my thoughts. So thanks. I know that they say that struggling only makes you stronger. Well I hope that is true. Just when I feel like I have nothing left in me, someone is there to give me a little more strength. Something more to keep me going. I don't know what I am suppose to learn from all of this, and maybe I never will. But I know that Tyler and I will never quit. We will always have each other. And we will always have our sweet little girl. She is my inspiration for everything I do. She is the reason I get up in the morning. I have never loved something so much.
So now we are on to our next adventure. And this one is for me too! For the first time in my life I will be starting College. I am scared out of my mind, but excited too. For those that know me, know that school is not my strong suit. But this is something that I feel I need to do at this time in my life. Why not? I need to learn all that I can on this earth, Prophets have been saying that forever. Education is important. Lucy will be 3 in November, she is healthy and at an age now where she can handle being away from me for a few hours, not everyday, but somedays. And I just really want to do something for myself. Something that I can be proud of myself for. I was no good in High School, so I am giving myself a second chance to do better. To make my parents proud of me. I need a sense of accomplishment. Plus it will be good for me to get out and be around other people. I have basically spent the last 3 years in my apartment being a home body. I need a fresh start. I am doing this for me and my family. I don't know yet what I want to study. So I am just taking Generals for now. Tyler only has two more semesters left of undergrad, and who knows where we will be after that.
So that is all I really have to say now. Once we get settled in to our new place (wherever that may be) I will do a picture post. Love you all.

*Keep the Faith*