Thursday, May 30, 2013

Getting Ready!

Today I received an awesome surprise! 
One of the perks of working for Allstate is that they give you stuff when you are expecting a baby....
So this came today!

A brand new convertible car seat. So it can be front facing AND rear facing. Since we already have an infant car seat, this is now Jake's new seat....

And I got out all of the newborn clothes today. I washed them all and put them up in Kasen's room. Looking at these tiny clothes have gotten me so excited to meet this little guy! I can't believe Jake use to fit in these, He is a BEAST now.

I am now 34 weeks, so a month left hopefully. Dr is very pleased with my progress. I did not test positive for Gestational Diabetes this time around (yay) and I am measuring right on track. I have only gained 14 pounds in all. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lucy's New Bike

this may not seem like a big deal. Its all a part of growing up. But with everything that Lucy has been through in her short 5 years of life, we did know if she would ever ride a bike. It was quite the moment seeing her on it for the first time. She saved up for this for almost 3 years, although other toys took money out of her piggy bank, We finally decided this summer was the perfect time. And we live in a place where she can ride around and be safe doing it. 

Yes i am that Mom who makes her wear all the protective gear, if you knew her, you would do it too!
Better safe than sorry!

She is still a little slow, but I am sure in no time she will be ready for no training wheels!
So proud of her!

Craters of the Moon

Last week we took a day trip to Craters of The Moon. It was super windy but we made the best of it! Jake loved walking along the trails and picking up the rocks. 

Lucy thought she might blow away so she held on to us pretty tight!

It was pretty cool. All Lava rock that was formed 2,000 years ago. 

Pretty flowers, we want to go back in June sometime when all the flowers are in bloom. Apparently its really cool.

I don't know what these things are... they were everywhere!
Little caterpillars maybe?

The kids were all tuckered out on the 2 hour drive home!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Jake's 18m

My little Bug is 18 months old today!!

I can't believe how much he has grown. He is such a little man. Even though we have put him in nursery the last two weeks at church, he is now OFFICIAL! this is exciting. He actually does very well. Now we have 2 months of being kid free during the first two hours of church, until Kasen arrives.

Jake is almost always quiet. he just does his own thing and explores. He is saying a few words now, Ball, Bubble, Mama, Daddy, Uh oh, Owe, Baby, Bee (please)

He is VERY coordinated. very good with eating with a fork and spoon. Although lately is more interested in throwing his food on the floor, which 7 1/2 month pregnant Mommy doesn't really appreciate. He loves to play with his sister. Sometimes he has issues with throwing toys and hitting, but we are working on those. Being outside is his favorite thing. He will bring me my shoes and his and point to the door...

He has 12 teeth, 4 top, 4 bottom, and 4 molars.

life is so fun with Jake in it. He is such a good well behaved boy. His sister loves him so much. And he loves to snuggle with his unborn brother.

Happy 18 month  Jakers!

Sunday, May 12, 2013


This Woman made me who I am today. Love you Mom. Today is your day.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Pictures from April...

This blog is pretty much just for the whole month of April. I am a pregnant woman and I have 2 kids... I have no time for blogging!! JK. well I know there is family who reads these and like to see pics of these cute kids of ours. So here ya go!

We have been spending a lot of time outside! I love where we live. AND we just got got some awesome new neighbors who like to play with us outside too!

My little Lucy is always so cute! I love taking her picture before heading to church. Grandma Haas bought her this adorable outfit.

One of our favorite places to eat as of late... Buffalo Wild Wings.

And we cut Jake's hair for the summer. it doesn't look that long in these pictures, but seriously... it needed to be cut!

And here he is... HANDSOME as ever! Don't look too close though. I am probably going to be cutting stray hairs for the next few weeks.