Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas party

For our Ward Christmas party, (I was in charge as the Activities leader) We had a wonderfully yummy ham dinner with real mashed potatoes, and yummy cheesecake for dessert!! For The activity afterwards we had a grahm cracker house building contest. It was sooo much fun. especially since I was the judge. And my group won one of the awards, we took home one of the cool trophies. Check out the pics!

We didn't set up enough tables, so when more people came we had to set up an extra 4 tables! It was so great!! Mmmm....don't they look yummy?!! Bishop and his wife even joined in all the fun, isn't he the greatest?


Okay, so forgive me. I have been quite the slacker on this thing but here are some pictures from Thanksgiving.

This is our feast. We had dinner with Coya's family, there were about 45 people there!
This is the boys (John and Tyler) playing ring toss, or as my family calls it, Washoos. Here are Coya and Lucy enjoying the game in the sunshine! When we got home, Lucy fell and got her first fat lip. It was pretty sad...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A year ago...

To be Thankful

Today is a day for thanks. I woke up deep in thought this morning. Remembering where we were Last Thanksgiving Holiday. Lucy was all but two days old, sedated preparing for surgery. I was so thankful that she was alive and getting better by the hour. I was so thankful to have both my parents and Tyler's Mom there for comfort. We at least got to be together on this great day. Even though we had Thanksgiving dinner at the Hospital, i was still so happy that we could be together. Things seemed so great, but so hard at the same time. 

I have been reflecting on that day all day today. I have been missing family terribly today. We went and had dinner with our friend's family. There was about 40-50 people there, and they were all so nice, and of course everyone loved Lucy. She is always the favorite everywhere we go. But they were all so happy, playing games together, sharing stories, and laughing. And here I was, so sad, trying to hold back my tears. All I could think of was my own family. Remembering what our Holiday was like. Dinner would be great, with Stove Top Stuffing, and Raspberry jello. After everyone stuffed themselves My Dad would lay in his chair snoring, and Doug would Lay and try to sleep with all the noise. Liz, Scott, Jonathan, and Shanna would play a game or something. Or Scott would be watching some educational show on the discovery channel. But I would deffinately not feel as alone as I did this day. I couldn't believe how much I missed you all.  I am so grateful for such a wonderful Family. I have the best parents and the best sisters, and brothers. I love you, and I can't wait to come home.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This was her gift from Grandma Haas!! She loves it! Though she is not quite stable enough to really walk with it, but with our help she does great!! Thanks G'ma Haas!!!

For those that are wondering...that is a bottle of sparkling cider by the couch.... :-)

*Pretty in Pink*

Grandma Jones get Lucy the cutest dress for her birthday! She also got leggings from Auntie Shannon, heaven knows she will need them here! And her cute bow is from her Friends here in town, anyway, I put everything together, and HOW CUTE IS SHE?!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

If you want to see the video of Lucy enjoying her cupcake, go to this website:

Hopefully that works. For some reason we are not being able to upload our videos onto our Blog.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We drove all the way out to Green Canyon last night to go swim in the hot pools, (30 min) AND they were CLOSED! can you believe it? We couldn't. We were so mad! So we started thinking of places we could swim in Rexburg. We drove to the AmericINN and asked them if we could pleeeease go swimming. We had had a long night of driving, and dissapointment. and to  our surprise they said sure!! No one else was in the pool either! So Tyler, Lucy, our friends and their baby, and I went swimmin'!!

                                                    Lucy LOVES the water!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


One wild Date night

so we went to this concert last night and the were 4 bands and 1 solo girl. The girl was pretty bad. I like her voice, but her lyrics sucked. And then to top it all off she was so sarcastically rude I couldn't stand it. She expected all of us in the room to be totally silent, that's fine, tell us to shut up, that would have been nicer than what she did. Then the next band came on. Oh my heck, I seriously wanted to cut my head off they were so bad!! Everything was running an hour late, so Lucy was so cranky by the end, and she peed through her diaper. I was a mess. But after all the bands were done, there was Danger Mouth. He is a guy from our ward who does like 80's rap. I guess he recorded his album in Salt Lake, and used to perform all over, but he just recently got married, and so his rapping has been put on hold. but holy cow, there were times that I would catch myself just standing there with my mouth wide open in amazement! Here are a few pictures from the night. Some of them are kind of dark, sorry.

Lucy, as always, made some friends. The girl with the headband is Danger Mouth's wife. Love her!!
This is Danger Mouth (aka Dave) I didn't get a great shot cause he was always moving.It got pretty cold when we went outside while the LOUD bands were playing, so we tried the Scott trick.

Tag, I'm it

Tyler Tag!

Where we met:
The first time we met was my freshman seminary class, but he only knew me as Terry's little sister. We met up again 5 years later at the Single's Ward.

How long we dated before we got hitched: We were engaged 3 weeks after our first date, and married 4 months later.

How long we have been married: 1 year and 10 months

What's my fav Feature about him: His eyes, and smile. My daughter has his eyes, I LOVE them!

What's my fav quality about him: He's very good at communicating with me, is not afraid of telling me how he feels. I also love how is so dedicated to the Lord.

What's his nickname for me: Babe, he never calls me Bonnie, I think it sounds weird when he does, I think he's only done it like 5 times.

His Fav color: Yellow

His Fav Food: Anything I cook. But I would say mexican.

His fav sport: Most would think it's football, but it's NOT! He loves Baseball!!

Who said the L word first: Well we decided we were going to get married after our first kiss, we both just felt it, I don't think one person ever said it first, it was just an unspoken truth.

First kiss and where: Our 4th day of dating ( Thursday to Sunday), I took him back to the church after dinner to get his car, and we sat in my car for like 2 hours talking, he kissed me, and then we both just looked at eachother like "WOAH! did you feel that??" It was pretty crazy. 

Fav couple thing to: This is G rated.  

How many kids: just 1 right now, more to come.

His hidden talent: A lot of people don't really get to see him with Lucy, but he is a great Dad, very compassionate, is that a talent?

His age: 24

His fav music: Mormon Tab Choir, he loves to listen to the BYU-I radio station

What I admire most about him: His love for the gospel, he loves to do his church callings. He also is the most determined person I have ever met.

His fav pastime: That's easy, everyone could guess. ESPN- duh!

Will he read this: Eventually

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Friends of ours, the Plasters want to start walking every night. She just had a baby 3 months ago, (the one in the picture) That's Hadley. I get to babysit once in a while. She's the tiniest 3 month old I have ever held!! But she's pretty cute.

So anyway, we went walking at 9pm tonight, and let me tell you BURRR! It was so stinkin' cold. It's like 34 degrees outside and windy. Why the heck does Rexburg have to be the wind capital of the world. seriously! well hopefully we can just bare through it. I need to get out and excersize more, and so does Tyler and eventually our goal is to be jogging up to the Temple and back every time. And those of you who don't know, The Temple is at the top of a very long HILL. So it will be a workout. 

Thanks to my Sweet Mother-in-law we have the equipment to go out into the cold wind!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Missionary Memories

So this week was an interesting week.  Early in the week I had a dream that involved me finding out about a missionary companion of mine who left the church and started sleeping around with women.  So I thought I must need to call him and see if that was the case.  So I gave him a call and turns out he was just getting ready to go see the sealing of someone we had baptized.  It was sort of a cool experience how God can inspire our dreams to do things that will uplift us spiritually and do it in such a way that we have no clue he is doing that until after the fact.  Since then I have been reminiscing about my mission.  It's so nice now that I am a little removed from my mission that I only remember the good parts and vaguely remember the hardships that I endured.  It truly is a testament of the joy that comes from serving the Lord and of serving in the church.  Since then I have been looking up all my old missionary friends on facebook and seeing what they're up to now and calling some of them.  I also have gotten on this kick where I want to go to Florida really bad and see everyone again.  And since one of my companions now lives in Florida and offered us a place to stay if we come visit and free tickets to Disney it is especially appealing.  I hope one day I will actually get to do it.  I just want to share my testimony of the simple joys that come from serving God through the church callings he gives us and how he blesses us for doing what we have been sent here to do.  Until next week keep rootin' for them Titans.

To my love....

I would just like to say that I love you so much. I appreciate everything you do for Lucy and I. I know I complain about you always being at school or work, but I know that you are doing it for us, so that we can have a great future. Please, if you could just try to put up with my little trantrums. I just get a little lonely, and All I want to do is spend some quality time with you. I miss you everyday when you are at work, and every night when you are at school. You are the most generous, kind, thoughtful man I know. Our beginning happened fast, but I knew that you were the one for me. God knew it too. You came into my life at the most perfect time. I will always be grateful to you for saving me from myself. I Love you Forever and Always! 

xoxoxo Bonnie xoxoxo 

Sunday, November 9, 2008


       A Day at the Park with Mommy and Daddy. The whole park was covered in leaves!!
      Lucy wasn't so sure about the whole swinging thing. She was VERY tense the whole time!

She was a little more comfortable when she could stand on her own two feet again.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Hey guys.  I realize that you don't get to hear from me much so I thought I would put my two cents in.  I had my first voting experience last night.  It started off by us going to the wrong place because someone at work told me they were doing it at the local elementary school and so not knowing any different I thought that there was only one place to vote.  Well you can imagine my embarrassment when I found out otherwise.  We finally did find the right place and I exercised my right to vote for the first time.  I am not sure why I haven't done it in the past because I do think it is really important to be actively involved in civil matters.  The prophets have advised us to do so and we will be blessed for following their council.  Turns out the guy I voted for won.  Contrary to popular voting practices within the mormon community I voted for Obama.  Although I do disagree with some of the things he believes in and will probably not personally benefit from some of the things that he will try to put in place I do believe that he is the right man for the job and will be good for our country as a whole.  It is important to me to forget myself during times like these and think of others first realizing that the good of the nation is more important than the good of one man.  
School and work are good.  Semesters winding down and I am just struggling to find time to fit everything in.  Working full time sometimes does take a toll on me.  I want to spend time with Bonnie and Lucy more than anything but since I work full time my schedule many times doesn't allow that.  I really do enjoy the dual life I live of having a full time job and going to school to better myself through secular knowledge.  I feel like it has helped me become a more well rounded individual and in that way I have grown because of my college experience.  As if that weren't enough I also have my church callings which are something that I really enjoy as well.  Having to call several people in the ward each week allows me to get to know them better and realize how blessed we are to have people with different talents and abilities.  I am grateful for this school and the opportunities it gives me to serve the Lord in a capacity I would not otherwise be able to.  
Sorry if I don't get the time to write here very much.  Bonnie has introduced this to me recently and I think they a great way to stay in contact with each other.  Thankfully I have Bonnie to keep ours updated.  I really don't know what I would do without her in my life she is a wonderful support I don't think I would be able to do all that I do without her.  She teaches me a lot about patience and sacrifice as I see her interact with Lucy on a daily basis.  Bonnie I love you more than anything I feel lucky and blessed to have found you and look forward to spending eternity with you.  Well I'm checking out for now in the future I am going to try and write every Sunday so you all can know what is going on in my life.  See you Sunday and GO TITANS!

*Big Messes*

So Lucy is at the stage now, where she just likes to pull everything out of anything she sees. We organized her room today so she could play with whatever she wants to in there. I left her for 5 minutes, and came back to a BIG MESS!! Next we are going to teach her to put stuff away :-)

You know what I can't stand?!

It's people who are standing in a long line at the grocery store, and their kid is screaming bloody murder, but the mom seems to be too interested in something else. Does she not notice that her kid is driving the other 50 people around her CRAZY! I'm so serious, this kid was so loud, and had big 'ol tears, and she just stood there as if it was the Celestial room in the Temple. What the Heck! How could she not hear him, or better yet, how could she just stand there and do nothing?! I was ticked. I just hope to goodness that my children never act like that. Good gracious, give the poor kid a cookie or something to keep my sanity! Have a little consideration. Sheesh
Anywho, well it's finally snowing here in Rexburg. So you all can start feeling sorry for me, in the cold wintery college town. We did have a pretty nice Fall though. More than I ever expected. Usually that season doesn't exist, which stinks, cause it's my favorite. When we get more snow. i will take some pictures of Lucy, this her first real winter! I need to find her a snow suit though, so if you know where I can find one, let me know. Miss you all!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Haunted Houses

Look at out Haunted houses!! Tyler and I did the one on the left, and John and Coya did the one on the right. John had a rough time keeping his walls to stay up. Fancy huh??

 This was our breakfast....German Pancakes

Lucy in her cute new outfit that Grandma Jones got her. and this is her "Aunt" Jessica!!