Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fitness update

Since I went on my change rampage last post I thought I would post an update.

This week i was successful in meeting my goals. Actually I did better than I thought I would have! I walked at least two mile everyday except Tuesday. And I did a jillian Michaels workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. during my walks I am usually burning about 400 calories, and then my workouts I burn almost 500. I also did pretty good at eating good and staying under my calorie limit (myfitnesspal) No change in weight yet, but i do feel better. Well not my muscles but my energy is up and i am proud of myself for the last week.

Next week I have the same goals, but to include Tuesday. I don't anticipate being as sore as I was this week.

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Tif said...

That's great, Bonnie! Make sure you're eating enough to fuel your burn. That was the trap I fell into and for 18 months I was burning 600-1200 calories a day but only eating 1200-1500. I lost 7 pounds and gained NO muscle in that time. When I bumped my food up to 1800 consistently and didn't eat back my workout calories I finally started seeing results.

Way to keep with it, even when you're sore. Rest days are important but taking them when you don't need them...or more than 2 in a row, that can really set you back!

And the weight is just one part of what you're doing. How your clothes fit (measurements) and how you feel are probably the more important things to track!