Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas party

For our Ward Christmas party, (I was in charge as the Activities leader) We had a wonderfully yummy ham dinner with real mashed potatoes, and yummy cheesecake for dessert!! For The activity afterwards we had a grahm cracker house building contest. It was sooo much fun. especially since I was the judge. And my group won one of the awards, we took home one of the cool trophies. Check out the pics!

We didn't set up enough tables, so when more people came we had to set up an extra 4 tables! It was so great!! Mmmm....don't they look yummy?!! Bishop and his wife even joined in all the fun, isn't he the greatest?


Okay, so forgive me. I have been quite the slacker on this thing but here are some pictures from Thanksgiving.

This is our feast. We had dinner with Coya's family, there were about 45 people there!
This is the boys (John and Tyler) playing ring toss, or as my family calls it, Washoos. Here are Coya and Lucy enjoying the game in the sunshine! When we got home, Lucy fell and got her first fat lip. It was pretty sad...