Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Summer Days

Today was perfect! Tyler had the day off and we woke up and went for a walk. All of us. I have sorta made it a goal to go walking for at least 40 minutes every morning. When I get home I do abs and stretching. Today I convinced Ty to come with! So we loaded up the kids in the Jogger and went. We ended up walking for an hour and 15 minutes! According to my calorie counter on my watch, I burned 1087 calories! Sweet huh? But the bad new is, it was hot. and although I sunscreen the kids, I failed to do my self.

Seriously!? Almost 25 years old. You would think I would have learned by now!

After our walk we came home and got ready for the day and then headed out for a BBQ with some of Tyler's work friends. I love that his work place is like a family. They all enjoy each other so much that they like to hang out outside of work on their days off! It makes it more pleasant for Him to go to work for sure!
So here are just a few pictures I took from the night.

It was a perfect summer day. Loved every minutes of it :) (even my sunburn)


Shalyce said...


April said...

Ouch!!! I agree it does feel good being outside and feeling the warm sun on your skin. We have been having the best weather here the past few days and it's only getting better. Finally!

Katelyn Haas said...

looks like such a fun day! love and miss you guys! love the picture of jake with the cute bball hat on!

kayla said...

That looks though. I need to make that same goal to go for a walk everyday.

Liz said...

it's about time you embrace your fair skin and take care of it! there, do i sound like your mother? no, because i'm sure she'll come home from vegas fried. anyway, glad you could get out and enjoy the weather with you fam! miss you guys!