Tuesday, May 22, 2012

diet update

Today marks my one week without Soda!!! Yay! I pretty much only drink water. Sometimes I drink cranberry juice or put crystal light in my water bottle. But so far so good! I don't even think I had any withdrawals either.

I have also started doing Jillian's 30 day shred. I have done this before but have only made the goal to do it like 3 times a week and that never worked because I only stuck with it for like the first two days. It was probably because you do get really sore after the first workout so if you wait two days to do another workout, you are screwed because you can barely move. This time I am doing it EVERY day (except Saturday) That way I won't take a day off and be out of the mood the next day, I just push through the pain. so far it has been 3 days in a row.

I FEEL AWESOME! I never realized before how much soda drug me down! I was lazy and fatigued all the time. I also think it played into my grumpiness.  Now I am up and going and I am a much nicer Mommy. I have a ton more energy.

In addition to no soda, I have almost cut out all sugar. Basically the only sugar that goes into my body is fruit (or juice). I have been eating a lot more veggies and about the same amount of protein.

A typical day looks like this: 
Wake up, eat 2 scrambled eggs w/cheese, maybe a fruit of some sort, drink a bottle of water (16oz)
Do my workout, drink another bottle of water, shower
Lunch: veggies and chicken (usually)
Snack: fruit and cheese or nuts
Dinner: varies... usually a protein and veggies sometimes a smoothie of some sort, and a bottle of water
Then before bed I down another bottle of water

 I haven't lost any weight yet, but I wasn't really expecting to the first week. I think my body is just in shock right now. It has been going through some major changes in diet.

I did however take all my measurements (arms, thighs, waist, etc.), and a before pic, but you guys may never see that ;) so we will see where I am at in a month. A month.... We will be in WA in a month! YAY! we are headed to Tyler's brother's graduation :) we are excited to see everyone.

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Jason and Crystal said...

Seriously proud of you bonnie! I know firsthand how hard giving up soda is. It's majorly addictive! It took a really long time before I stopped craving it, but now I pretty much never look twice, even if someone is drinking it right next to me. Keep up the awesome work! Promise not to weigh yourself too often, though. just paying attention to how your clothes fit you is a better motivator.