Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day +

I Made this delicious Dinner, I think this may be my go to chicken recipe. All you do is saute a garlic clove in olive oil and then add the chicken. Cook it all the way through, then add some brown sugar on top, as soon as it melts, serve.  The Zucchini is just roasted with garlic powder, salt, pepper, and Parmesan cheese.

Jake is getting to be such a big boy! He now sits in high chairs and carts. This was at Buffalo Wild Wings, all the waitresses swooned over him!

Memorial Day I went and visited my grandparents grave across the street. I never knew my Grandma, but I miss my Grandpa. And I try to go there for my Mom, since she can't be there to put flowers on their graves

It was so beautiful with all the flowers. There was so much love. You could really feel it.

Yesterday I took Lucy on  Mommy Daughter date. I let her choose where we ate lunch, she chose Chilis and then we went to  see The Lorax! It was fun to just be one on one with her. She is so smart and fun to talk to.

Tyler went out and bought a little grill to put on our back deck, so last night after the 3 hours it took him to put it together, he roasted us some Turkey Dogs!

This was just a fun picture of my two kiddos at Costco today. I love them so much! And everywhere we go we get at least 5 compliments about their red hair.... I am one lucky Mamma!

Tonight I caught Jake trying to stand up!! He fell over, but then he did it like 3 more times! HOLY COW... this kid is growing up way too fast!


Randi said...

They are cute kids Bonnie! And thanks for the chicken recipe I think I will have to try it. I am trying to expand my horizons and make at least 3 new meals a month for dinner this sounds easy and delicious.

Bonnie & Tyler said...

Yep, it is super easy. Chop up the garlic and I think i used about 2 tbs of brown sugar.