Thursday, November 27, 2008

To be Thankful

Today is a day for thanks. I woke up deep in thought this morning. Remembering where we were Last Thanksgiving Holiday. Lucy was all but two days old, sedated preparing for surgery. I was so thankful that she was alive and getting better by the hour. I was so thankful to have both my parents and Tyler's Mom there for comfort. We at least got to be together on this great day. Even though we had Thanksgiving dinner at the Hospital, i was still so happy that we could be together. Things seemed so great, but so hard at the same time. 

I have been reflecting on that day all day today. I have been missing family terribly today. We went and had dinner with our friend's family. There was about 40-50 people there, and they were all so nice, and of course everyone loved Lucy. She is always the favorite everywhere we go. But they were all so happy, playing games together, sharing stories, and laughing. And here I was, so sad, trying to hold back my tears. All I could think of was my own family. Remembering what our Holiday was like. Dinner would be great, with Stove Top Stuffing, and Raspberry jello. After everyone stuffed themselves My Dad would lay in his chair snoring, and Doug would Lay and try to sleep with all the noise. Liz, Scott, Jonathan, and Shanna would play a game or something. Or Scott would be watching some educational show on the discovery channel. But I would deffinately not feel as alone as I did this day. I couldn't believe how much I missed you all.  I am so grateful for such a wonderful Family. I have the best parents and the best sisters, and brothers. I love you, and I can't wait to come home.


Jonathan said...

Well now, that brought tears to my eyes too. I was also thinking of last thanksgiving, and how blessed we are. Sometimes we don't get the luxury of being together every holiday and we have to rely on our memories of past holidays to bring joy to our hearts. We love you too, and missed you alot. We look forward to seeing you at Christmas

Liz said...

bonnie, we really did miss you. but, now that we are married and our families have grown and we've gone on to try new things in our lives, we're not always going to have the same "comfortable" holidays we've become so accustomed to. remember my christmas eve at mcdonalds? it is really hard because you get extremely homesick, but i guess things might be a little easier if you try and create new traditions and memories with your new little family, and just know that we are thinking about you and wishing you were here. we love you so much!

Jonathan said...

the above post is actually from Mom Jones, not Jonathan. Although he misses you too. We all did!

carolyn said...

Bonnie, Ty and Lucy:
The video brought back such touching memories of Lucy's first days. Sometimes we forget how fragile life was in those first few days of life for Lucy-Lu. What a miracle looking back on the past year and how healthy she is now. We are all blessed to have her to love.
I know your holidays away from family are hard. I can tell you from past experiences away from family that you will look back upon these years later and think of them with fondness. Just remember its a short period of time that will bless your families life. Just another 1 1/2 years and Tyler will be done with school and then you can be closer to family if that is what you choose. Enjoy this time with Tyler and Lucy. Its all worth it!!
Love ya,