Wednesday, July 8, 2009

To: The good deed doer.

Alright. You know who you are, but we don't. We have a few ideas, but no specifics. So we wanted to say from the bottom of our hearts. "Thank You". You also may never read this, but I want everyone who does read this to know that there is someone out there who is striving to be like Our Savior Jesus Christ. They are so kind and giving.
I assure you someday we will be able to repay you with "paying it forward" Because I don't know who you are, and if you are who I think you are, then I Know you will never let us repay you. So we will just take this VERY kind thing that you have done, and return the favor to someone else someday. We are eternally grateful. and love you so much. You will never know just how much this means to our little family. Thank You!

Love always,
Tyler, Bonnie, And Lucy

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