Thursday, July 23, 2009

Family Pictures?

So i made a disc for my Mom of all the family pictures we had taken this summer, plus a few other pics from fourth of July and such. Just wanted to know if there is anyone else in the family that wants a copy? Let me know soon, so I can make you a disc before I leave on Sat and I will bring it to the reunion.
Carolyn, I am sending one for you home with my parents!

Two days! Cant wait to see everyone! Thanks Guys!!


Steve n' Michelle said...

Hey, we probably won't see you to get the kids together and play till we get back from camping. Trevor still is a little snotty and Steve has majorly crashed with a cold. Sorry that we couldn't get together, but have a GREAT time with your family. Say hi to them from us. :)

Bonnie said...

Michelle! I almost came over today to do some laundry, but I found some quarters. Dont worry about this week. We can get together after we all get back from camping! Have fun!!