Saturday, July 4, 2009

So at about 6:30 this MASSIVE Storm rolled through. Thunder and lightening on top of eachother, and a turenchal (spelling) Downpour! Even nickel sized hail in some places. It was crazy. Here is My cousin's kid, Sidney out in it.

And here are the kids, Max and Sidney doin' the 'pop its'. Max couldn't throw them hard enough, so he had to stomp on them.

And Lucy wasn't quite sure about the whole 'fire in my face' deal... maybe she will be more into things next year.

Left to right: Me, Lucy, Uncle Pat, Aunt Suzanne, Christine, Max. Dave and his kids were there too.
Happy Fourth of July! I am working on the video of our whole day, so keep an eye out for it!!

PS. Did I mention that I got REALLY sunburnt today?? Just gearing up for Family Reunion, I guess :-)

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