Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

SO, as you all know yesterday was my birthday. I am 22 now. I guess the older you get the less you care about your "day". Tyler had to work until 9:30pm, so my friend Coya called me up and planned a fun girls day. I met her in Idaho Falls and we went and got pedicures! It was pretty fun, and Coya's Mom offered to watch Lucy for me, which was the best part :-) Two hours of pampering, and I didn't even have to worry about my daughter! As you can see, by the VERY pregnant Coya, that her Mom had NO problem. She only has 4 weeks left till she is a Grandma for real!

These are my pretty toes! They always look so cool under the light thingy.
Then of course, tradition! We went to lunch at Red Robin. I had a Birthday coupon sent to my email, so I got a free Gourmet Burger. And without my consent, they sang to me, and made me wear silly balloons around my head. I look really dumb in the video that Coya took, so I won't be posting it, Sorry.
All in all, I was a fun day, Thanks Coya! Tyler decided we would do our family celebration Friday and Sat, since the 4th of July is my FAVORITE Holiday! Thanks everyone for the phone calls and birthday wishes. I love you all!!


Liz said...

cute toes!

carolyn said...

Ahhh what fun!! Jill said Coya's legs and feet are pretty swollen. They look so sore. Hope the baby comes soon. She is a good friend.