Saturday, December 12, 2009

A House of Candy

We tried to Skype My family while they were building theirs, but Skype was being dumb. Here is our creation!

Don't let these pictures fool you... Tyler did 2 windows and a door. lol. I guess that's just how Men are.

He did help eat the candy though!
The finished Product. Not bad!!

Now, any guesses on how long it will be before all the candy is eaten off??

Merry Christmas!!!


Liz said...

cute house bon! and i really like the last picture of you. you look so cute. can't wait to see ya'll.

Steve n' Michelle said...

Fabulous houses. I tried to make real gingerbread a couple of years ago, but it turned out had as rock!! We haven't done that since...not we make sugar cookie houses! So yummy. Um, I like the crazy pictures on your other post. Next time you do those invite me over so I can get a good laugh too!!!

Jonathan said...

Your house looks really good. My wife did everything on ours. I did even less than Tyler, I just sat and ate candy.