Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Holidays!

UGh. Why is Christmas so stressful!? I don't get it. It's suppose to be the most wonderful time of the year. But really if you want to have any fun, or be with family, you have to make sacrifices, and hope everything turns out okay. Tyler and I are really gonna have to have a lot of faith these next 3 weeks that everything works out. We are so ready to visit Family and come to Bellingham, but are we really ready for taking two weeks off work, and driving all that way? I don't know.

We leave Tuesday morning EARLY (4am), and don't come back until Jan 1st. That means Ty has to take 10 days off work. That is a lot! And we have pretty much every bill we have, due the week we get back. So this means Bonnie is STRESSING MAJOR. But it always has worked out before and everything always ends up being fine. But can we be so lucky this time? 2008 and 2009 haven't been the best for us financially... we have had a few hiccups. I am just a worryer i guess. I just hope to forget all that crap, leave it here in Pocatello, and have FUN with our families. Tyler hasn't been home since last Christmas so he is so excited to see his brothers, be able to hang out with "The guys" haha. Ah. Pray for me.

Rant Over. Merry Freakin' Christmas! (sorry for the bad attitude. I will be better tomorrow)

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Soren and Sandy said...

Pray for comfort, girl. I am sure things will work out! :-)