Monday, December 7, 2009

Birthday cake and dresses

This weekend we went over to Our Friend's to celebrate their Daughter's 1 yr birthday!
Michelle made this cake all by herself! I was very impressed. Looked awesome! I need to take some lessons I think.

And the Birthday girl, Shaelynn. She was happy, Trust me. lol, Do you see Lucy eyeing that cake?

Well, I didnt deprive her. She got her own plate of cake and ice cream. Steve and Michelle love to tease me about her staying clean... I promise I am not that bad. You also have to remember she is my first! Probably if/when I get more, I will be more relaxed... haha!

And I had to take pictures of my beautiful girl in her 2009 Christmas dress!! Doesn't she look so pretty!!??

I hope every one is staying warm. It is very cold here... in the negatives for wind chill... We love you all!


Chris, Lori and Morgan said...

Lucy looks so pretty in her Christmas dress!

Steve n' Michelle said...

I need you to send me that video! You know we love you and that is why we feel comfortable teasing you. :) Um, as first time should ask me one time about hot dogs and sacrament meeting. Something about thinking that my child would starve. We were so crazy then. Love you guys and we're glad that you could come!