Monday, December 7, 2009


Yes... I said foodgasm. These two recipes are freaking good! They came from our friend, Lauren Brennan's food blog, which I HIGHLY recommend you check out! She has got some amazing recipes. And If I can do them, ANYONE can!

This first one is Thai Peanut Noodles. I added chicken to it for some protein. Man, it was sooo delicious! And chocked full of fresh veggies!

This dessert isnt really on the healthy side, but HOLY SMOKES! Talk about party in your mouth! If you want the recipe visit her blog..., or you can click the link on the side.

You'll need to wash it down with a tall glass of milk.

Lauren... I have already told you this, But THANK YOU! I will be reading your blog daily. And I am so excited to try your other ideas!


Michelle said...

YUMMY!!!!!!! I am excited for you to cook for me when I move to Idaho :) ALso, Lucy looks sooo darling in her dress! I miss you guys sooo much!

Lauren Brennan said...

Oh my gosh! Thank you sooooo much! You guys are awesome! So glad you liked them! AND, you're the first people to add the link to your blog! We'll for sure have to have you over for dinner when we're back in Rexburg! (You're still in Pocatello, right?)

Bethany and Scott said...

Looks yummy! I definitely will add that blog link to mine! Thanks!