Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday summer storm.

So... You are probably going to get sick of blogs like this. But I seriously can't help it! I LOVE storms. And i just wish there was someone who loved them like I do to enjoy them with me. So If you love them.... comment below, so I know that I am not wasting my time. Here are some videos.


Kristine said...

I'm a wuss. Storms freak me out. Even now. I'm gonna' have to toughen up for this little guy. I don't want him to know his Mom's a wuss.

Soren and Sandy said...

I LOVE STORMS TOOO!!! We just had an amazing one last night!

Chris, Lori and Morgan said...

We LOVE storms! I wish B'ham had better storms!

Steve n' Michelle said...

Call us anytime...we love to have the windows wide open and love to listen to any storm that comes our way. The windows are open right now and we are listening to the rain! Unfortunately we have missed the latest cool storms because we have been out of town. AND BONNIE, don't sweat the Lucy sick stuff...I don't think she picked it up from her. And if she did, we will still LOVE the heck out of you guys!! She is doing fine, so don't worry about her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry we haven't called you, we have been gone. Love ya,