Friday, May 22, 2009

A Day at the Lake!

Tyler needed a break so we went out to Blackfoot to the Lake. It was so much fun. Lucy was the smart one with sun screen, so her parents are lobsters now. Anyway... here are a few pictures. Lucy was not a fan of the cold water.... so we didn't go in much. But it was nice just to sit in the shade, have a picnic and read.


Steve n' Michelle said...

Love the pictures. Lucy is a cutie! I'm glad you guys could get a little relaxation in. I think that we are going to take a death march one of these days and see exactly how far that walking path around the lake goes. I look at it every time I pass it on the freeway and it looks like it goes forever!

Jeff and Stacey said...

what a cute little swimsuit!!

Liz said...

brooklin has that same hat! how much fun. i'm so glad summer is on it's way. we had our first bonfire of the season and it almost feels official with all of the sunny weather we're having. we have no rain in our forcast for at least 10 days. hooray!