Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lucy's 1st dentist visit

Lucy had her first dentist appointment yesterday! The office that we chose is one that is geared towards kids. I was super nervous when they told me that parents aren't allowed to be with them during the exam. I am always with Lucy when she has to be poked and prodded... always. We debated whether or not to switch dentists, but we decided to just see what it is like. The parents have to sit in the waiting room while they take the kids back and do the x-rays, exam and cleaning, then they call you back to talk to you about everything. I was so nervous for her. I am not a huge fan of the dentist. I never went until I was like 14, and then I had to have A TON of work done. I have never had an appointment without bad news. When they called her name, she went back with them, her head held high. Sometimes I think with everything that she has been through has been a blessing in her temperment. She is such a strong independent girl. Lucy is so brave! So after like 45 minutes they called me back, of course she couldn't wait to show me all the cool things she got. She did so good! they just loved her, I don't know why I am surprised, everyone loves her!

So the results, I had been concerned about this little spot on her front tooth that she has had pretty much since her tooth came in. they told me that it was the tiny start of a cavity. but other than that she was cavity free! Yay! They told me that we should start saving for braces though, not a big deal, Tyler and I both had them, so we were sort of expecting that. So we just have to go get that tooth fixed in a couple of weeks, then its every 6 months from then on. I think i was way more nervous about it than she was! I am so proud of her!


Katelyn Haas said...

gooo lucy!! what was the dentist's name! a guy in our ward, rusty Mcwhorter, has an office there that is geared towards kids! that would be sweet if it was him! he is amazing! :) i watch their kids sometimes. and his daughter is one of my Young Women!

Bonnie and Tyler said...

She went to Kidds Dental... I don't think he worked there, at least I didn't see his name.

Shu said...

Piper had her first appointment in August. She asked to go back every day for a week. I have noticed that normally kids are more excited about a new experience if they are prepared for it and know what to expect. It also helps if parents don't let on how nervous they are about it. Way to go Lucy!

Ed said...

Lucy seems prepared and confident on her first dental visit. When you walk with your head held high, you do exude an aura of confidence. Since that is the case, you made your baby girl Lucy proud of herself and you as her mother. Congrats and I hope her braces will get attached on the right time. :)

[Ed Hochhalter]