Sunday, March 18, 2012

4 Months!

we made it to 4 months, and I must say, JAKE IS A DREAM BABY! He is always happy! all he needs is a full belly and a clean diaper and he is ready for anything! He is sleeping through the night even... (8pm to 7am) at least he has been on that schedule every day this week. He has started laughing, it is the cutest thing ever. His 4 month appointment isn't until April 2nd, so I don't have any of his stats. I will post them later.


M. Harrison said...

What a cutie!! Four months has gone by so fast. I am glad that he is an easy guys deserve to have a more relaxed experience this time. Love you!

Randi said...

Bonnie he is so Cute!!!! I am happy for you that he is sleeping through the night.