Friday, March 9, 2012

Incredible Machine

I went on a walk today. A very LONG and fast walk. There is an awesome trail by my apartment and it pretty much leads to the middle of nowhere. This walk made me realize a few things. One... I am REALLY out of shape. haha... at the very beginning I was out of breath and already cramping. but I kept going. I kept going for an hour and a half! I walked, and walked. Even though my legs hurt and my lungs hurt i kept going. There is one thing about being in the middle of nowhere, it makes you think. i have been so boggled down by my self image. i HATE the way I look right now. I HATE the way I feel. But... this song came on my iPod, and I realized  that yes... MY BODY is incredible. I look this way because my husband and I made a baby... MY BODY that I am hating, made TWO babies! That is incredible... I need to just stop and think about all of the positives in my life... and there are SOOOO many positives. My two children are so freaking adorable. My husband loves me and is my best friend. He really loves me, no matter what I do, no matter what I look like. I am so Lucky for that. He has an Awesome job, and for the first time since we have been married, we can pay our bills, all of our bills, and have money left over for a savings. We are far away from owning a house, but we are okay with that. I get to stay home with my children and raise them. I get to laugh with them and tickle them everyday! That is lucky. While listening to this song, i realized the only negative thing... which was my body image, is not a negative! It gave me the two most amazing things in our lives. So for right now, I am going to just continue with my eating and exercise and not focus on what I LOOK like. I love my life and that is what matters.

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M. Harrison said...

very good thoughts Bonnie. You are exactly is good to step back and remember why we are women and what Heavenly Father has given us, instead of focusing so much on the image. I think we are all guilty of that! go back to this post on those hard days and it will give you renewed perspective. love you!