Saturday, October 22, 2011

Getting Crafty

I finally finished the wall hangings for the kids' room. I bought the letters and then modge-podged scrapbook paper onto them and then sanded down the edges. Lucy's I could hang with nails because there was already holes in the back of the letters. But Jacob's I had to attach ribbon on them. Tyler hasn't made up his mind whether he likes it or not, he might drill hols in the back to make them like Lucy's. We shall see. BUT, this project is DONE!

We also went out to the storage unit today and got all the baby stuff (front carrier, bathtub, bouncer, toys, etc...) So we are now ready. The only thing left to do is pack the hospital bag, but I will probably wait a couple more weeks to do that. 
I am pretty proud of myself, I am not very crafty or creative, but i think I did pretty good :)

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