Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 weeks

yes i am getting bigger, and baby is too! I feel like a whale sometimes, but i know I dont look like one lol. He moves a lot, he packs quite a mean punch, I will tell you what! Right now he is breach, but hopefully he will turn in the next couple of weeks. I have opted to go do my 3 hour glucose test this week, better safe than sorry right? i have been having a ton of those fake contractions. Dr told me that if they get to be like 10 minutes apart, then I should head up to the hospital, just to be sure. I have heard that sometimes women are in labor with what they think are braxton hicks, but they are real contractions, which is what I had with Lucy until my water broke, but we still got at least 7 more weeks little guy, so hang in there!!
Other than that, everything is ready for him. Our car was our final thing, I am feeling prepared, but I know when it gets closer I will start freaking out a little more. can't wait!

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Liz said...

when i was pregant with LoLo i had contractions all the time. they started up i think at 5 months or so. so annoying. my only advice to you is to just sit back, relax as much as you can, and let the little guy do his thing. i know with lucy everything was pretty much planned out for you guys, so this time around is gonna be quite different, which i'm sure you're thankful for. i'm sure little jacob will get into the right position in time. we're so excited, it's getting close. love you!