Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our 4th

We started out with Red, white and Blue Pancakes!!

Lucy in her 4th gear.

took me like 2 hours to make these bows.

She insisted on having makeup,

Here I am..

It is impossible to get Lucy to take a good picture. She is always worried about her brother.

Jake at our picnic.

Playing games, waiting for the firework show.

 Beautiful Sunset!

Jake was kind of a pill, so we all took our turns trying to get him to sleep...

We didn't have the greatest view, but it worked out okay.

It was a long day, but a fun day in the sun!! Hope you all had a fun and safe 4th!!


Michelle said...

Glad you guys came down and we got to meet up!!

Katelyn Haas said...

it looks like so much fun! we miss you guys!

remy martin said...

oh yes you are right that was a marvellous day,we also enjoyed a lot.i'll miss all of my friends.That was an incredible journey.
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