Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mind puke.

This is pretty LONG... so make sure you have a little time to read. If not, You can skip this one...LOL

Another year. Why is it that the older you get the less fun Birthdays are? I remember counting down the days till July 2nd. But I think this year is the first time where I feel like it is no big deal. Why? IS it because Tyler has to work 10 hours on my birthday, so it will just like any other day? or is it because I am turning 25? Liz said this was a big number for her, and I totally feel it. I am kind of depressing over this number. But its not really different than 24. Why do I feel different? Maybe because I need a change. Not anything in my life, because I have never been happier with my two kids and my adorable husband. But in me. I need to be happier with myself. I have let myself go for the last 5 years, and it is time to get back to the old me. I am going to try and be more outgoing, and initiate things with friends. Get out of the house more. I think a lot of this has had to do with the fact that Tyler has worked nights for the last 3 years and I just got into the habit of staying home and being with my kids. we stay up really late and sleep in in the morning. Then he goes to work, and I just mommy at home all day. It has been this way for 3 years. We haven't been able to have any friends over because Ty is at work most nights. And the few nights he has off, we use them to reconnect with each other. I have missed him so much.

The good news is he just put in for a shift change, he will find out on Tuesday whether he will be changed to days. If he does then he will have a 8-5 job! Thank goodness. We are really praying for this. This will encourage me to make dinner every night and have it ready when he gets home. I want to start going on nightly walks/runs with each other. We can put the kids to bed together.

We are sleep training Jake, so Lucy has been sleeping in our room the past few nights. I have to say it has been working out well. A lot better than having Jake in our room. BUT I don't want Lucy to get use to being in the room with us. So needless to say, we are again looking for a 3 bedroom place. I don't know for sure if we will move, to tell you the truth it is a little overwhelming to think about packing everything up. We have been here for two years. The longest we have stayed in one place since we got married. There are positives to this place, like the price. You can't really beat what we are paying. Plus there is the park across the street. Awesome trails for walking/running. Negatives, well it is far from Tyler's a 20 minute drive. So there's the gasoline issue. The neighbor kids are little terrors... They steal our stuff. Lucy's bike has been stolen every day since summer began, so we finally had to keep it inside our door. Our neighbors smoke, but we have had to deal with this everywhere we have lived. (I can't wait to have our own house) Last night our babysitter said she saw our neighbor bring a pipe into her house. Awesome. I mean, they are super nice, but really? And the last obvious one, it would be nicer to have the kids in their own rooms. We are being pretty picky about it though. Wherever we move has to have all of these things, or we won't do it.
A yard
3 bedrooms
no smoking neighbors
closer to work
storage space
cat friendly (I want a kitty)

On another good note Tyler does have Wednesday off! My favorite day of the whole year, The 4th of July!! I am so happy that we get to spend that together as a family. We are going up to Idaho Falls to watch the firework show. I am VERY excited. Every year on my birthday my Grandpa Matson would send me some money, and I always bought fireworks with it. So maybe in a way this holiday reminds me of him. So Wednesday night when all those fireworks light up the sky, I will be thinking of him. I just have always loved everything about this day, the BBQs we use to have on the lake at my Aunts, swimming all day long, sitting by the fire until it was dark enough. The red, white, and blue. And the oooos and awwwes as the sky lit up with cool fireworks. And then driving home seeing the sky still lighting up, hearing the BOOMs all night long. I love it all. i am not one for doing it myself, but i like to watch it. Now I can try and make it that exciting for my kids. And watch their amazement.

Okay since this is basically a NOVEL now, I am going to quit. Hope you all have an awesome 4th!!

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Michelle said...

25 is a big year! But I know you are grateful for your life and that's what really matters!! Happy Birthday Bon! I love you!