Thursday, July 5, 2012

Birthdays and sickies

My Actual birthday was pretty cruddy. I was sick, the kids were sick, and Ty was at work. So it wasn't really anything special. Which I guess i kind of expected that. But it was even worse when the kids got sick because then i couldn't even go out with them. The Saturday before we celebrated though. We went to my favorite place to eat in town, Wingers. Then Ty got a babysitter and took me to a movie. Then Lucy and him made me a cake and i blew out one candle! Then after the kids went to bed we played games together till late.

This shirt was a gift from Tyler... I LOVE IT! This is our new favorite band, the problem is that they sent one that was smaller than the size he ordered. He asked me if i wanted him to send it back... and I said no. I wanted it to be my motivation to lose my baby weight! So now it is hanging on our wall as a constant reminder. You have no idea how badly I want to wear this shirt!!

My running shoes are on their way, So I am also looking forward to that! PLUS a present from my Mother-in-Law is also in the mail... CAN'T WAIT!!

Here are two pictures of my two sickies on my birthday.

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