Monday, July 9, 2012


I HATE moving, but we have grown out of this apartment. We found a place, but we are still waiting to hear back from them. And if we don't get it, we have a plan B, which we already know that we are accepted into that one. But I really want plan A.... Its a little more in price, but I think I will be a lot happier there. We know people in both wards we would move into.

The other thing, we would probably be moving close to family reunion time, can you say STRESSFUL??? I haven't made up my mind whether to pack before, or try and do it quickly after we get home. moving is always stressful either way. The other thing, where do we get boxes? I am already in the mode for downsizing our stuff, and organizing. I am excited to move into a bigger place, the kids will have their own bedrooms, we will have two bathrooms, and a little yard! And no more retarded neighbors. Ugh... I am so sick of neighbors that don't have a clue.

So YAY for the next month!


amber malmberg said...

Call McDonalds, talk to the manager, and ask them to set-aside boxes for you. It's a good way to get them for free, and the sizes are perfect! They should be glad to do it for you on more days than just one.

Bonnie and Tyler said...

Good idea, Tyler use to work there so he has an in!