Friday, December 17, 2010

More Houses!

Our friends, Steve and Michelle invited us over to make sugar cookie houses last week! It was so much fun, with their 4 kids and Lucy!

As you can see Lucy enjoyed a little frosting along the way!

Shaelynn did great too! At the end of the night her house was demolished, At one point she was actually taking BITES out of her house. They were all pretty entertaining :)

Here is Trevor's house, he won "The Most Candy" award!!

Here is Lucy's, she did pretty good for her first one :) I promise all I did was put the house together... she did the rest!

This one is mine. Michelle and I were a little OCD with our houses, we took the longest

Michelle's in the back on the left... cute pretzel fence!

It was a great night with friends, thanks Harrisons!!

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