Thursday, December 9, 2010


So I know Christmas is not about presents, but its really the only time I ever get to think about myself. I am so grateful for everything that we have and for the terrible year that we have had. Yes, I just said I was grateful for the TERRIBLE year we had. We learned a lot of life lessons this year, and we have overcome a lot as a little family of 3. My husband and I agreed to only get each other one present this year, on account of, we have no money ha. But, also so that we can just focus on Christ this year. it will be super special to be home and start our own new traditions. We wish we could be in Bellingham, for two reasons: 1. we would like to help welcome our new niece into the world and 2. we miss our family.

BUT if you were wondering what I wanted for Christmas....

its a TiChrome Flat iron. I have wanted a good flat iron for years. And probably will never buy one for myself. They are 40% off right now. So if you happen to have one in your magical bag..... If not, you can find one here

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy making little boys and girls happy!

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