Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Leigh is GONE!

I know, there seems to be a gross theme going on here, I promise this will be the last gross thing for a while. Tyler has had this bump, or Cyst if you will, on his head for a few months now. We went to a walk-in clinic and they just told me to try and drain it out like a pimple, I guess. And put a warm washcloth soaked in Epsom Salt water on it. We tried that for a few days and it did get smaller for a while, but then it got bigger. And then he started to get a bald spot. So we went to His REAL Doctor. And they removed the whole thing today! It was pretty exciting/really gross. lol. The whole procedure took about 40 minutes. But Tyler is soaking up all the sympathy he can because he got his first 3 STITCHES! haha... such a battle wound. Anyway, I posted some pictures. feel free to look at them, but they are kinda gross because there is some dried blood and gook that he can't wash out till tomorrow.

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M. Harrison said...

You guys have been up to a lot of fun hugh? Hope that things heal good Tyler. You realize I still have your haven't visited us to get it back. :)