Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wednesday night storms

This may be a boring video. But I posted it anyway :)
Last night we had Severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings. Some of you are use to this sorta thing and think it is no big deal. But to me, a girl who is from Bellingham WA, and hasn't even seen a GOOD thunderstorm, and is TERRIFIED of Mother Nature, I thought it was a big deal. The Tornado sirens outside sounded two different times, Tyler and I grabbed snacks and headed into the bathroom (the most secure place in our apartment) and waited for them to stop. I was freaking out. There was flooding and trees down, and power outages all over town. Our power went out for only a second, I figured our place has backup. We all said a family prayer, and I was able to stay pretty calm after that. But I can tell you now, I can't wait to move back to Pocatello or where ever we end up after this is all over.

So this is just random video i took at different stages of the storms....

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Steve n' Michelle said...

Nice horizontal rain! That was coming down...I would have been terrified. I bet you are just glad that Tyler was home with you and Lucy. I find lightening really amazing to watch (indoors of course), but when there is a tornado warning attached with that it just loses some of its funness!! Glad you guys are okay.