Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Today has been emotional as I think of the Great Men in my life.....

My Dad

He is the Best man I could have picked to be my teacher, example, and Father. I don't remember it, but I know when I was a baby my Mom got real sick, and my dad had to take care of me for a while, just him. And I am sure it was then that we formed this special bond. (plus, I was the only one who got his Brown eyes) I have always looked up to him and Loved how kind
and gentle he is to everyone. He is so patient and soft spoken. I loved how when I would kiss him goodnight he would rub his stubble on my cheeks. He always encouraged me to do my best
at everything. He was a Dad to more than just his own kids. When I was a teenager he encouraged me to bring my friends over, to have a safe place to hang out. My friends soon starting calling him Dad. Everyone who knows him, loves him. He passes no judgement, and welcomes you with open arms. He has a strong testimony, and I am so grateful that I was raised by a worthy Priesthood holder, and that I knew how important, and special that was. Being away from My family is not easy, but I am now married to a great Priesthood holder. I am thankful that I was taught gospel principles, so that I could marry someone worthy to take me to the Temple. Someone who could be a Dad to my kids, and show them the same love that I received. He is such a great grandpa to My little Lucy. And I know that she holds a special place
in his heart as well. He was there at her birth and witnessed the miracle that God gave to us.
Dad, I love You so much and want you to know that I try every day to make you proud. After all, I am Your only brown eyed girl :)

My Husband

Tyler, You are the best Father that I could have picked for my child. Lucy loves you so much. Though she doesn't get to see you much this summer, when she does, she can't take her eyes off of you. I love that she has you wrapped around her little finger. You always take the time to play, and teach, and read her stories. She has your temperment, and I THANK you for that! She is always so calm, and does just what she is told. She is kind to everyone she meets. Thank you for all that you do.

My Father-in-law

Eric, You too are a great Dad and Grandpa. I know how strong your testimony is. You raised 5 good boys. Tyler strives everyday to be as great as you. You are so loving, understanding, forgiving, playful, and hardworking. I am so grateful to you for raising Tyler in the gospel and teaching him good principles. He is strong in his faith and Hardworking because of you. Thank you for welcoming me into your family and treating me as your own. I love to watch you play with Lucy, I know when she gets old enough that her Grandpa Haas will teach her to play softball, and have fun. You are such a great example to us. Thanks for always being there.

Happy Father's Day!

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