Monday, June 21, 2010

Birthday and Fathers Day

Probably the BEST chocolate cake I have ever made and eaten! Serisouly. Food cooks better here, i think.

So this is funny, This is Mike (Tyler's mission comp. The guy we came out here with) He showed up and we noticed that he and Ty were dressed exactly the same, just different colors!

I am using this video as my inspiration to lose my belly weight... sheesh!

So this is everyone that came to celebrate Tyler's b-day with us! (Chair: Jordan, Floor:Alexis, Kristen, Ryan and then Mike and Ty on the couch. It was fun and we were lucky to have some friends to eat that yummy cake!

Then Fathers Day we went to the pool! Tyler has only gotten to swim twice since we have been here. Yesterday was such a relaxing chill day. I'm so glad he has Sundays to spend with us!

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Michelle said...

hahah that looks like a yummy cake!!!